Plot: The seeds of love can blossom anywhere, even in a tenement complex with some ill will between neighbors. A fence separates two quarreling families, but within those broods, the spark of romance burns bright. A boy (Buster Keaton) and a girl (Virginia Fox) have fallen for each other, but even small moments of bliss are scarce, since their families are always in some kind of row. Can the two lovers manage to pursue their affections or are they doomed to be star crossed?

Entertainment Value: This short from Buster Keaton runs under 20 minutes, but makes good use of every second and with most of Keaton’s work, never fails to entertain and elicit laughs. The story is a tried & true one, familiar of course, but spruced up with Keaton’s brand of slapstick and despite being a short of this length, more plot devices than expected are present here. The pace is non stop and frantic, which makes sense given the brief duration involved, but the story unfolds nicely and Keaton fills each scene with a wealth of humor. A host of his regulars are on hand, with his father Joe Keaton around, as well as Virginia Fox and Joe Roberts in front of the camera, with Edward F. Cline acting and working behind the scenes. I just think this is a terrific short, often hilarious and quite memorable.

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