Plot: A huge opportunity has just opened up for broadcasters looking to take the next step, as popular television host Veronica Daniels (Jackee Harry) is in need of a new cohost and is allowing on-air auditions. While Emily (Melissa Joan Hart) wasn’t one of the few chosen to audition, she is determined to get her shot, especially when she learns her ex Charlie (Dean Cain) has a tryout lined up. A viral video captures Veronica’s attention and that means Emily is now in the running, putting her directly against her ex in a battle for the coveted cohost position. This is deja vu for the couple, as they broke up after a similar head to head professional opportunity, one that saw Charlie get the eventual promotion. The two manage to get along well enough, even in competition, while some of the old feelings also manage to sneak in. Will the two bond over this shared experience or will this be a repeat of the old days, when competition tore the couple apart?

Entertainment Value: In my quest to watch every Dean Cain movie, there are a lot of stops for Hallmark holiday romances, including Broadcasting Christmas, which proves to be a decent watch. I prefer this kind of lighter, humor driven Hallmark movie, as the ones that are more serious and heavy handed romance driven are often much slower and less fun to watch. I do think these can be forgettable, but sometimes you just want a brisk, light movie to relax with assuming you appreciate holiday romances, Broadcasting Christmas fills that spot well enough. The tone is light and there’s minimal conflict, so it is a breezy kind of watch, one that doesn’t ask much of the audience and just aims to fill some time in a pleasant fashion. The pace is a touch slower in a few spots and of course, the narrative and character development have minimal depth, but that is an expected trade-off in a case like this. Broadcasting Christmas isn’t likely to convert those who aren’t interested in Hallmark holiday romances, but for fans, it has a lot to like and is well recommended.

He is a frequent Hallmark hunk, so it is no surprise to see Dean Cain turn up in Broadcasting Christmas and he shares leading role duties with Melissa Joan Hart, so this has some solid television star power involved. Cain turns in a pretty basic performance here, but the material doesn’t call for much beyond that, as there’s minimal conflict or depth involved. So Cain gets by on his charm and that’s enough here, since the focus is on romance and light humor. I think there’s more or less a template for the Hallmark hunks and Cain follows it well, plus his charm and experience ensure he is one of the better male leads for the channel’s pictures. Hart is good as well, likable and humorous, just as the material needs. Her performance is in line with her typical effort, but again, the movie doesn’t push her skills, so that’s not a detraction. The two have decent chemistry and since the romance is light, that proves to be sufficient. The cast also includes Cynthia Gibb, Richard Kline, and Jackee Harry.

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