Plot: A group of friends head to an isolated stretch of forest land, as one of them has inherited the location from an estranged relative. This kind of remote, out of the way locale is ideal for hunting, camping, or just partying, so the friends are mostly excited to spend some time in the woods. But unknown to them, the forest happens to be home to some bigfoot creatures and not friendly ones. As the beasts rack up some kills, the friends wind up in the crosshairs, though thanks to some keen marksmanship, one of the creatures is killed and the other is captured. A local scientist seems interested in the restrained bigfoot, but he doesn’t just want to study the monster, he wants to breed it with a human female. Will the doctor and his henchpeople pull off this dark science and create this hybrid pregnancy, even if it means running through a small army of females in the process?

Entertainment Value: Finally, a movie about bigfoot based on real events! This low rent slice of indie horror can be a fun ride, even if things slow down in places and the movie drags on a little too much. The premise is one bigfoot fans should connect with, a crazed scientist looking to breed human females with the bigfoot, with some horror elements woven in to mix things up. The first part of the movie feels like a rural slasher at times, with stalk & kill scenes in the woods, not to mention outdoor nudity, but the movie then switches to a mad scientist type approach. The movie has a good sense of humor in most scenes, as it should, with the ridiculous ape suit and some of the outlandish moments that unfold here. I do think the middle runs a little slow and I preferred the earlier scenes in the woods to the breeding quest, but in general, Bigfoot Blood Trap is fun to watch and hits a lot of the indie horror marks I look for. I liked how the cast was into the material, which added some enthusiasm and as I said, the flick never takes itself too seriously, which helps. So if you like indie horror with some over the top humor blended in, this one is recommended.

The movie has some sleaze to share, with several topless scenes, most of which are extended type moments, as well as some full frontal nudity. This includes a girl on girl encounter in the woods, which then leads into nude, lesbian sharpshooters and of course, that is just plain awesome. As the narrative hinges on breeding a hybrid creature, it makes sense some naked flesh would be on showcase. There’s some bloodshed involved as well, with our lovable bigfoot (bigfeet?) on the prowl and racking up a good amount of kills. Most of the deaths involve mauling of some kind, with the bigfoot clawing people into bloody messes and that means disfigured faces, ripped up bodies, and even some disembowelment. This doesn’t stop when the movie shifts from the woods to the hidden lab either, the bigfoot continues to carve people up in low rent ways, with the red stuff splashed around. The dialogue has some silliness and over the top lines, but not much in terms of quotable or memorable moments. Even so, the movie’s sense of humor is one reason it works so well, so there are fun exchanges and banter throughout. The craziness scale moves a little here, with the goofy humor, colorful characters, and general b movie vibes, but Bigfoot Blood Trap wasn’t as crazy as I had expected.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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