Plot: A bank clerk (Buster Keaton) barely makes it into work and once he arrives, he falls into a series of mishaps that nearly escalate into chaos. When bank robbers storm in and hold up the place, the clerk is unable to comply with their heist, as his hands are glued into his pockets. Meanwhile, the robbers have created the perfect hideout to lay low in and stash any cash. The house has been rigged up to see haunted, driving off anyone who might snoop around. When the robbers, the clerk, and others wind up in the “haunted” house, how will things work out in the end?

Entertainment Value: I really liked this Buster Keaton short, especially the last section that was centered inside the “haunted” house. While still very much slapstick humor, that section is loaded with horror vibes and some creepy visuals. To see Keaton in a Scooby-Doo style romp with skeletons, a headless man, and other horror elements was a lot of fun, not to mention a little surreal at times. The visuals are striking in these scenes, very eerie and spooky, despite the humorous touches. The bank scenes are more traditional Keaton style slapstick, not his best work, but consistently funny and some memorable moments are found here. But for me, the real draw was the “haunted” house finale and it is a wild ride, likely to appeal to both horror fans and slapstick devotees, as well as anyone interested in classic cinema.

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