Plot: This double bill kicks off with a trailer for Blood Oaks, a slasher movie where a ruthless killer stalks the residents of an apartment complex. No one is safe from the masked maniac, who seems to lurk around every corner and even pops up when someone tries to use the dumpster. The second half of the short is Sex Demon, which finds a young woman toe to toe with her demon possessed boyfriend. The night was supposed be romantic and passionate, but an ancient evil was unleashed instead and things spiral out of control. Can she save her boyfriend or at least survive, even with some unlikely outside assistance?

Entertainment Value: Double Bill is a short, grindhouse inspired burst of indie horror that runs about fifteen minutes. Blood Oaks is a fun slasher style trailer with just the right kind of voice over, old school, but also humorous. The vibe captures that old school slasher feel and makes you want to watch the feature film, if only the Blood Oaks feature existed, right? Sex Demon is the second half of the short and has a much longer duration, since Blood Oaks is just a few minutes long, being a trailer. I found Sex Demon to be a fun watch, a loving tribute to the Evil Dead movies that has some humorous lines, over the top performances, and some horror movie references for genre fans to soak in. I think Double Bill is a fun watch and at just fifteen minutes or so, it wastes no time and sticks to the more kinetic elements. A little blood, a lot of humor, and a clear passion for horror cinema are all on showcase in Joseph Vrenick and Chance Whitlatch’s double dip of horror shorts. If you have an appreciation for indie horror or Evil Dead style hjinks, give Double Bill a look.