Plot: A tailor’s assistant (Charlie Chaplin) has made one too many mistakes and been fired, after he ruined the pants of a powerful count. There is also a rivalry between the assistant and the tailor, as both have an interest in a beautiful customer (Edna Purviance), which continues when the two crash a high society party. Each goes under the guise of being the count, which causes all sorts of comedies of errors, since neither belong in this kind of stuffed shirt soiree. Can the assistant one up his former boss enough to win the attention of the woman of his dreams, or will his real identity be found out before the gets the chance?

Entertainment Value: The Count is one of the shorts Charlie Chaplin made while working for Mutual Film and while it isn’t one of the best from that period, it still delivers a good amount of laughs. I mean, even Chaplin’s middle of the road shorts from Mutual are well made and humorous, so The Count is by no means a let down. His usual brand of slapstick is on showcase, with some memorable set pieces throughout. I think the measuring scenes are likely the most hilarious and memorable, but there’s a lot to like here, even in the smaller moments. Chaplin is joined by several of his regular costars, so we have the rivalry with Eric Campbell, the romance with Edna Purviance, and the humorous Albert Austin and James T. Kelley are also on hand. This group works together so well, such great chemistry and timing in all these shorts. I had fun with The Count and while some of Chaplin’s other Mutual Film shorts are better, this one still entertains throughout.

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