Plot: Harold (Harold Lloyd) works at an antique shop and while business is down, he still loves coming in to the store. That is because of the beautiful clerk (Bebe Daniels) who has captured his attention, though he does run into rivals from time to time, including the ever present Snub (Snub Pollard). As if Snub’s antics aren’t enough, Harold learns that business is so bad, the store owner is going to fire the clerk, which means he couldn’t spend his days by her side. Can Harold hatch a plan to save the clerk’s job or will his scheme backfire and cause even more trouble?

Entertainment Value: At just nine minutes, this short from Harold Lloyd doesn’t have much time to work with, but he is able to keep it packed with laughs and humorous scenarios throughout. I appreciate that while there is a wealth of slapstick skill on showcase in The Big Idea, Lloyd also manages to weave a competent narrative and even a little romance into the comedic elements. That he does this in a fast paced, nine minute short is impressive, but that he does this will no real slowdown for exposition, even a brief clip, is even more impressive. A few fun set pieces stand out and earn the biggest laughs, but there is a consistent flow of humor here, as well as heart, making this another terrific short from Lloyd. Anyone with an interest in classic comedy or the legends of cinema should give it a look.