Plot: Harold (Harold Lloyd) runs a grocery stand and he’s raised the ire of the local police, thanks to his high prices. After a confrontation that has him on the bad side of the neighborhood lawman, Harold goes on the run to let things cool down. As it turns out, he isn’t the only person hiding out, as a photographer has also run afoul of someone and had to hightail it. The cameraman was too flirtatious with a sitting model, whose husband has vowed to come after him. Harold and the photographer run into each other and unaware of the situation, Harold stands in behind the camera, hoping his hiding spot will keep him safe.

Entertainment Value: This short from Harold Lloyd runs ten minutes, but delivers an immense amount of entertainment in that brief duration. The pace is frenetic and no time is wasted, as set ups are quick and the jokes are nearly constant. Lloyd’s slapstick mastery is on full showcase, with some outlandish and over the top set pieces, some of which show remarkable timing and precision. This kind of slapstick couldn’t have been easy to pull off, when one delay could throw off an entire series of gags, but Lloyd and his costars really deliver in Look Pleasant Please. I also liked some of the title card jokes, which add even more humor and ensure that even when super light exposition is needed, there’s a laugh to be had. I highly recommend this short, it is only ten minutes and every second is wonderful.