Plot: A ship en route to Blood Island is left in total wreckage, after a hideous monster on board goes berserk and attacks the vessel’s crew. After the carnage has wound down, just the creature and a lone scientist remain alive and soon enough, the ship arrives on the shores of Blood Island. Back on the infamous island, Dr. Lorca (Eddie Garcia) is still as insane as ever and perhaps even crazier, given some of his latest experiments. As usual, Lorca has been working on some monstrous creations and while some of his plans work out, most fail and the results are gruesome beasts banished from Lorca’s domain. But he has removed the head from Don Ramon’s sickening torso, though he isn’t through with the monster just yet. No, he has stored the creature’s head in a special solution to keep it alive, while he experiments with the body in the meanwhile. He tries to attach different heads to the monster’s body, with unpredictable outcomes. At the same time, Dr. Bill Foster (John Ashley) and the beautiful Myra Russell (Celeste Yarnall) venture through treacherous lands, in search of Lorca’s hidden cave but can even they stop Lorca this time?

Entertainment Value: This last voyage to Blood Island is a weird one, perhaps a little on the slow side, but packed with b movie elements. I mean, Lorca is dialed up nicely and the severed head narrative is a fun one, so even if the violence and sleaze are toned down, there’s still solid fun to be had here. The movie opens with a wild scene of a hideous monster going chop happy with an ax, but then the pace reels itself in for a while and doesn’t return to that kind of frenzy until the finale. In between are some silly, over the top moments of course, but the violent mayhem is minimal, save for the open and close. I think the main draw here is the general drive-in style cheese, as we have all kinds of wooden performances, awkward dialogue, and light nonsense, especially when it comes to Celeste Yarnall’s character. She is a source of much entertainment, either rattling off laughable lines or getting into one ridiculous spot of danger after another, which is a lot of fun to watch. As I said, the pace does feel slow in some stretches, but I think there’s enough wackiness to keep genre fans tuned in and when things are firing, Beast of Blood is a solid b movie. So if you enjoyed the previous Blood Island trips, you will likely appreciate this final trek as well.

The sleaze here is limited to the occasional topless moment, but Celeste Yarnell does so with no shortage of enthusiasm, so there’s that. The chemistry between she and John Ashley is not exactly scintillating, but drive-in devotees will likely be grateful for the skin, which is what counts in the end. The violence is in line with other Blood Island flicks, so we have some low rent bloodshed on display, including a nasty meat slicing scene, gunshot wounds, a bamboo spear used to ruin someone’s day, and of course, the creature effects. The severed head is hilarious, mainly because of how stubborn he is, but also because of how ridiculous the entire concept is. And I mean that in the best possible way, as the severed head is immense fun and while the creature effects are hokey, they’re pure b movie magic. The dialogue is awkward and stilted, delivered in wooden fashion by some performers and scene chewing over the top madness by others, so it is quite a fun blend. Not a lot of real craziness to mention, but we do have the severed head chronicles, Yarnall’s outlandish performance, the wacky dialogue, and consistent b movie vibes.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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