Plot: After using his stealth cover as a busboy to ambush a doctor, Dr. Beck (Eric Roberts) is back in business, having taking the man’s identity and become the newest arrival at the New Mexico Sleep Study Clinic. Beck was lucky, as the man had no social media and even his new employers seem to know nothing about him, so he can slide right in and begin to obsess over his new patients. He has some tension with nosy Dr. Pamela (Felissa Rose), but he brushes her off to focus on Michelle (Emilie Ullerup), a patient suffering some sexsomnia. When she is asleep, she has strong sexual impulses and of course, this is music to Dr. Beck’s ears. After some quick creeping on Michelle however, he sees an even more enticing victim in her niece Nikki (Angeline Appel), who also battles the sexsomnia curse. But can Beck keep his secret, fend off Pamela’s inquiries, and make a sleeping woman fall in love with him?

Entertainment Value: Stalked by My Doctor is one of the most consistent franchises around, as it always delivers what fans are looking for, wild melodrama, outlandish moments, and of course, Eric Roberts with the dial turned all the way up. This fourth installment continues that trend and is another crazed thriller with Beck, but once again, the mania has been cranked up a few notches. The narrative is of course implausible, but it does what it needs to do, which is get Dr. Beck back in the lab coat and buckle up, because he is creepier and crazier than ever. This movie just drips creeper vibes, as Beck obsesses, stalks, and tries to seduce, though this time around, he’s trying to put the moves on women as they sleep. And he doesn’t just want affection, he wants these snoozing ladies to profess their eternal love for him, which his second personality finds simply hilarious. Yes, his second personality is back again, dressed in stylish beachwear, but Beck also has a conversation with a soap dispenser, which should clue you in to how nuts he is this go round. A brisk pace, colorful characters, ample drama, and Roberts’ god tier villain make sure there is never a dull moment here, this is simply an insanely entertaining slice of cinema. If you like manic thrillers or over the top villains, you need to check in with Stalked by My Doctor and not just this fun fourth installment, but the entire series.

The scenarios and victims change, but good old Dr. Beck never does, thanks to Eric Roberts, who has turned in one wildly enjoyable performance after another in this wild franchise. Lifetime has an impressive lineup of psycho villains to be sure, but by any definition, one of the all time greats is Roberts’ Dr. Beck. In A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare, Roberts somehow takes his performance even more over the top, to darkly comic levels that are beyond even the previous incarnations. He is always creepy, talks to himself, talks to inanimate objects, gives the most outlandish excuses to people, and radiates red flags, what’s not to love? Roberts embraces the madness and just unleashes another outrageous effort here, pushing Dr. Beck even further up the Lifetime Mount Rushmore of Villains. I was also thrilled to see horror legend Felissa Rose in a prominent role and she even banters with Dr. Beck, which was fun to watch. Fans of Rose should know she has more than a mere cameo here and has a number of scenes, so she is a big part of the narrative here. The cast also includes Michael Perl, Emilie Ullerup, Angeline Appel, and Matt Rife.

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