Plot: Hercules has been through some epic conquests, but he has taken a more relaxed approach as he has gotten a little older. He lives a somewhat reclusive lifestyle, but tyrannical ruler Tokar refuses to let him live in peace, sending attack after attack with hopes of toppling the titan. While his efforts have failed time and again, Tokar has a new plan and this one involves Princess Amira, a beautiful young woman being imprisoned by his evil forces. Tokar plots to dispatch Amira to seduce Hercules and when her wiles have weakened him, strike with all of his might. But will his plan finally be the one to take down the mighty Hercules, or will the strongman prove too strong, even for Amira’s sexual prowess?

Entertainment Value: I love the idea of a sword & sandal porno flick, but sadly, The Erotic Adventures of Hercules don’t deliver much on that premise. We do have some lwo rent costumes and a cave location, but otherwise, this is a lot of closeups and slow, drawn out scenes. So if you’re here for adventure mixed in with some sex, that isn’t the case. But if you want to see a guy sloppily eat hunks of meat while different women give him oral sex, this movie delivers on that front. So there is some humor to be had here, just driven by how non erotic the sex scenes are and how hokey the production is, but not as much as b movie fans might want. The dialogue is hilarious for all the wrong reasons as well, with some of the most awkward, unsettling male sex noises ever dubbed over the hardcore sequences. There are a number of sex scenes of course and to be honest, almost the entire hour or so of the movie is sex scenes, so there’s not much at all as far as adventures. I can’t recommend this one with much enthusiasm, but if you like bad porno flicks, give it a spin.

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