Plot: The lure of Blood Island has drawn in new visitors, each with their own personal reasons for the journey, a woman who seeks her father, a man looking to make up for lost time with his mother, and a doctor who is curious about rumors of some kind of viral outbreak on the island. As it turns out, Blood Island is being stalked by a brutal killer and even as bodies continue to pile up, no end to the murderous rampage seems to be in sight. The obvious suspect is Dr. Lorca (Ronald Remy), a mad scientist type who operates under mysterious conditions, but the locals also run off Dr. Foster (John Ashley), for superstitious reasons. Some blame the events on Foster’s arrival, which leads to him being more or less banished, though the attacks don’t cease in the wake of the locals chasing him around. Is Dr. Lorca responsible for all the deaths and if so, what kind of diabolical creation has he unleashed on Blood Island?

Entertainment Value: Who doesn’t love a low rent b movie about a mutant plant on a tropical rampage? This is perhaps the most colorful installment in the Blood Island series, a fun b movie jungle romp that features one of the more outlandish monsters, a moss covered behemoth that stalks naked women. The narrative has a mad scientist, Dr. Moreau vibe and while the movie is best when the monster is on the loose, the awkward, wooden melodrama between creature scenes has a certain charm. Of course, I appreciate stilted dialogue and dysfunctional characters, but some might see the more character driven sequences as pace killers. In other words, it helps if you have a soft spot for hokey performances and awkward dialogue, as those elements tend to fill the gaps in between the horror moments. But with John Ashley, Angelique Pettyjohn, and Ronald Remy turning in humorous performances that range from deadpan to scene chewing, even the melodrama can be fun here. The movie also deals out a little more blood and skin than most other b movies from this time period, so you get your money’s worth with Mad Doctor of Blood Island. This is an easy recommendation to horror fans, b movie lovers, and monster movie devotees.

Blood Island hosts some light nakedness this time around, with a skinny dip sequence and a couple of topless scenes mixed in. You can also watch a naked woman flee from our monster, but it is quite a distant angle. As you’d expect, some low rent, but fun bloodshed is also on showcase here, with some limbs ripped off, heads knocked off, and assorted other violent mayhem. None of these effects look at all realistic or graphic, but are quite fun to watch, nonetheless. I love the monster in this one too, an outlandish creation that is soaked in green muck, a plant creature that is always fun to see in action. The movie does give us a decent amount of time with the beast, including scenes of it chasing around a naked woman, but I wouldn’t have minded more. The creature’s presence always ramps up the fun, so those are some of the movie’s most outrageous moments. The dialogue has some goofy lines from time to time, but the most memorable part of this department is likely the Oath of the Green Blood. The silly oath intro has that William Castle style magic to it, quite fun. As far as general craziness, we have the ridiculous monster on the loose, hokey violence, island mystique, and general b movie vibes that run throughout.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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