Plot: Decades after the events in The Mummy’s Hand, we’re thrown into the future and of course, Kharis (Lon Chaney, Jr.) has more business to attend to, namely revenge. A maniacal high priest named Mehemet (Turhan Bey) has brought Kharis to the United States, where the team of archaeologists that stormed his lover’s tomb can be found. It seems that time has passed, but Kharis still holds a grudge and plans to exact some payback, in serious fashion. As Kharis stalks and kills the various team members one by one, Mehemet begins to fall in love with Isobel (Elyse Knox), the daughter of team leader Steve Banning (Dick Foran). Mehemet tries to surmise a way to force Kharis to kidnap Isobel, in order to make her his high priestess, but those efforts are in vain. Can these two be stopped before total disaster strikes, or is this the chance Kharis has been waiting for, the time when he can settle the score once and for all?

Entertainment Value: I love that this movie is set several decades after The Mummy’s Hand, but the film makes no effort to show this to be the case, quite the opposite at times, in fact. But that is just one of several small, but odd touches that make The Mummy’s Tomb a quirky movie, if you look in the right places. I mean, this one runs barely an hour, but borrows about ten minutes of footage from the previous installment, about a sixth of the run time. This is b movie gold, but of course, some viewers might not appreciate the recycled elements, though I think it is hilarious and adds some schlock appeal. Once we hit the fresh material, we’re treated to Lon Chaney, Jr. as our monster and while he looks quite cool as our mummy, the makeup work to age some of the returning cast members is laughable. There’s a little of the Universal style horror atmosphere here, but overall this one feels a little cheaper than most in the franchise, with more b movie schlock touches. That might be bad news for some, but I had fun with The Mummy’s Tomb and thanks to a brisk pace, the odd moments, and Chaney’s eerie mummy, it is recommended.

Lon Chaney, Jr. would take the mantle for numerous monsters in the Universal parade of horror, so it was natural to give him a few spins as Kharis. To be honest, he doesn’t have much to do in The Mummy’s Tomb, but he shambles like a champ and hauls off the pretty girls well enough. Chaney also looks the part, thanks to some solid makeup work and he has great screen presence, so while he is the strong, silent type here, he is able to give off the vibe of menace as well. I like that the mummy is given some decent screen time and while I wish Chaney was able to do a little more, this is a creepy, more than capable performance. Dick Foran, Wallace Ford, and George Zucco return from The Mummy’s Hand and are supposed to be decades older, but the old age makeup is hilariously bad, which adds some camp value. The cast of this one also includes John Hubbard, Elyse Knox, and Turhan Bey.

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