Plot: Jenny (Mercedes Mason) is a flight attendant about to embark on yet another air voyage, which she assumes will be routine, as countless flights before this have proven to be. She is unaware that some hamsters have been brought on board, little furballs that happen to put the bite on one of the other passengers, which sparks a contagion that soon overtakes the entire plane. That first bite quickly infects the passenger, who turns violent and attacks some of the other travelers, before he is restrained and locked inside the bathroom. An emergency landing is then approved, but when the flight touches down, the passengers realize that they’ve been quarantined. The terminal is locked down and no one can leave, even as the contagion spreads and more vicious, aggressive infected are unleashed. Can anyone survive this horrific onslaught or will the place just be torched once everyone is dead or infected?

Entertainment Value: The first Quarantine was a remake of Rec, but this sequel takes a different approach and breaks ranks. This is not a remake of Rec 2 and instead, the movie drops the found footage element and takes on a new narrative, unrelated to the Rec series. The end result is a much more basic, forgettable zombie style horror movie that lives little to no impression. Aside from a reference to the apartment complex events and one sequence that involves a thermal lens camera, this sequel makes no real effort to connect with the original and while that’s not a real issue, it does suffer by losing the kinetic, fast paced elements. This just feels like another zombie movie, no real tension or atmosphere to speak of and that’s a shame, as Quarantine was no classic, but it had some effective touches. The performances are reasonable, but unmemorable and the lack of a dynamic lead hurts Quarantine 2 and none of the supporting characters are interesting either. So we don’t connect with these people or even really take notice of most of them, which saps a lot of the potential tension out of the material. I found this to be a more or less total disappointment and while a couple of scenes are decent, Quarantine 2 is not one I could recommend.

No nakedness. If you were hoping some zombies might join the Mile High Club, you’re out of this luck in this case. The blood quotient is rather low here, with mostly off screen or implied violence involved. A few scenes have a nice little spike in the red stuff, such as a face biting attack, a hydraulics mishaps, and a neck bite, which feature some fun bursts of the crimson. But by and large, Quarantine 2 steers clear of direct, kinetic gore and takes a tamer approach. I mean, I suppose the vomit scene is kind of splashy, but that isn’t really bloodshed, right? The dialogue is basic and forgettable here, save a line or two that earn a light laugh. This carries over to the characters as well, as most are rather dull and don’t have much presence. I think more colorful characters and dialogue could have done a lot of good here. No real craziness to speak of, as the movie makes little to no effort to be creative or surprising, let alone wild or over the top. A basic, straight ahead horror movie with no frills.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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