Plot: A number of people have vanished once inside an eerie, remote stretch of woods, but the local law enforcement doesn’t seem concerned. But some believe there is a killer loose in those woods, a maniac who stalks anyone foolish enough to enter and as a new group of arrivals is about to discover, that is all too true. A field trip with some troubled teens has reached the woods with hopes that the great outdoors will impart some life lessons, though no one seems too interested. A hulking recluse takes interest however, as he begins to hunt down the interlopers and using all manner of violence, dispatches them in brutal fashion. Can anyone manage to survive the onslaught and what other evils lurk in the woods?

Entertainment Value: This indie slasher has a lot of enthusiasm and is a lot of fun, from Herschell Gordon Lewis’ narration to open the movie to the throwback vibes to the old school slasher pictures. The story is one horror fans should feel right at home with, as teens in the woods are hunted down, but Killer Campout has a couple nice twists to add some fresh slants as well. This is still straight forward, retro style slasher fun, however and the movie racks up a solid body count. I appreciate how aggressive this one is, with a a consistent flow of kills and despite the low budget roots, the movie manages some wild, creative bloodshed. Killer Campout embraces the violence and has a lot of crimson on showcase, not to mention more sleaze than I had expected, so this is not a sanitized take on slasher cinema. As the movie blends in an offbeat sense of humor with the violence, we have some fun exchanges and colorful characters, which ensure we’re having fun even between kills. The cast runs with the over the top vibes in most cases, so we have humorous performances and some awkwardness, the latter of which is still immense fun, at least to me. Killer Campout delivers on the slasher premise with great glee and for genre fans, is one you won’t want to miss.

This movie has some nakedness and by nakedness, I mean some fairly frequent, rather vivid sleaze is on showcase. This includes naked asses, several generous topless scenes, and of course, some full frontal nudity is even offered up. In addition to the front view, we’re also given an “on all fours” style view up the middle, which is pretty bold even by most slasher movie standards. The blood flows like wine here, so expect a lot of violence and a lot of the red stuff splashing around. Some of the kills involve large volumes of blood spraying from off screen wounds, which is fun, but not as fun as direct gore, but most kills are shown in more detail. A number of nasty knife wounds are here, including a vicious throat slash that stands out, while we also have gleeful disembowelment, a good old fashioned scalping, brain eating, gut munching, eye trauma, a person is cleaved in twain, and of course, a geyser of blood fountains from a vagina. The dialogue is corny and awkward at times, but fun and adds some humor to the experience, which is welcome in this kind of flick. The lines aren’t as memorable as the gore or sleaze, but there’s some fun stuff here. As for craziness, some highlights include a pitchfork attack during a muff dive, an MMA style chokeout, and a guy dressed like a waiter wielding an uzi, which rocks. Add these odd touches with all the blood and flesh and Killer Campout puts up some decent points here.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 9/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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