Plot: Bridgette (Mia Rose Frampton) is young, beautiful, and rich, not to mention connected, since her mother is a powerful politician. She has lived a life of ultimate privilege and has always been able to get what she wants, though that is about to change, for the first time. Her prestigious private school has a sterling reputation and while Bridgette’s social status makes her an asset, her failing grades do not and as such, she is called on the carpet. She must turn her academic performance around or she will be kicked out of school and in the meantime, she has been yanked off the lacrosse team, much to her dismay. But her situation attracts an unlikely helping hand, as new teacher Jane (Boti Bliss) seems to want to help Bridgette, even being willing to bend some rules to do so. But will Bridgette be able to bring her studies up to snuff in time and will Jane’s help come at a price?

Entertainment Value: A Teacher’s Obsession has a premise Lifetime have seen before, but a fairly fresh approach breathes some new life into the concept and in the end, we have a solid effort here. A female teacher obsessed with a female student isn’t the kind of narrative we see too often in these Lifetime thrillers, especially not with this kind of cold, unsettling approach taken. Boti Bliss’ Jane is not a seductress or a manic stalker, but an ice in her veins sociopath that makes all of her scenes eerie, so she brings a unique, fresh villain to A Teacher’s Obsession. The melodrama is dialed down a little, but we have other sources of drama here, thanks to our “good girl” being such a spoiled brat and all, not to mention Jane’s creepier advice and assistance. The pace is on point, with no real slow stretches at all and a few side threads mixed in, such as Jane’s male coworker and that whole deal. In the end, this might not be as all out crazed as some of Lifetime’s thrillers, but A Teacher’s Obsession is fun to watch and Bliss’ performance alone is worth the visit to this one.

As frequent readers know all too well, I love a wild, over the top Lifetime villain, but this time our bad girl takes a different approach. Boti Bliss brings an ice cold, emotionless persona to the villain in A Teacher’s Obsession, which isn’t as melodramatic, but packs just as much menace. She is able to convey such cold obsession with just her eyes, but her nearly total lack of reaction to the world around her is also so creepy, she is an intense, memorable performer here. I also love that once the switch is flipped, she rises to the occasion and amps up the drama, as the role requires. I really liked Bliss in this one, she brought a fresh take on the Lifetime villain and that is much appreciated, not to mention fun to watch. Mia Rose Frampton (yes, she’s Peter Frampton’s daughter) is also fun in this movie, as she nails the bratty, entitled girl routine to perfection. She has the look to make it work and she plays it just right, seeing her and Bliss interact is kind of strange, but it works. The two bring much different energies to the roles, but they have good scenes together. The cast also includes Madalyn Horcher, Molly Hagan, Dillon James, and Eric Curtis Johnson.

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