Plot: After the first Dancing Outlaw became a smash hit, Jesco White was propelled into the role of a national celebrity. In Dancing Outlaw II, Jesco goes to Hollywood and shoots a guest appearance on Roseanne. While he had more fame when this sequel was shot, Jesco remains as open and candid as ever, even in the bright lights of Los Angeles. This piece follows Jesco as he not only makes his sitcom debut, but experiences the local culture and even meets some of his fans. I think the original Dancing Outlaw is a better, more memorable documentary, but this followup is still quite worthwhile and has a lot of wild moments. Jesco is a fish out of water, but he remains true to himself and as usual, that means he provides insights only he could. So he might be out of Boone County here, but Jesco is still himself to the core.

Entertainment Value: As strange as it is to see Jesco White rubbing elbows with Tom Arnold, Dancing Outlaw II is more of the same Jesco content as the original, just with a new backdrop. I think there’s more potential for magic to happen when Jesco is around his family, friends, and enemies in Boone County, but he is still a lot of fun to watch as he explores Hollywood. His dance down the Walk of Stars is a surreal sequence, as is his tattoo session, when Tom Arnold pays for him to get a jailhouse swastika covered up. The scene is so strange because Jesco not only seems oblivious to what the symbol means, but has little interest in what kind of tattoo replaces it, so he winds up with some massive, not that stylish flowers. Jesco remains an incredible subject, but I did miss the rest of the Boone County atmosphere, as he seems more relaxed in that environment and more stories are there to be mined. Even so, if you appreciated Dancing Outlaw, this is a chance to more of Jesco and his one of a kind lifestyle.

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