Plot: A truckload of new arrivals has pulled into a prison, which is not unusual, but the latest inmates are not the usual convicts. The prison is now home to several violent, aggressive raptors, the dinosaurs that were extinct, but brought back to life thanks to greed and science. Meanwhile, a group of sorority girls is locked up thanks to some drunken escapades, surrounded by a colorful band of inmates of all kinds, not to mention the raptors lurking around. By the time the guards realize that the beasts are loose in the prison, chaos starts to unfold and the prisoners are freed, leading to even more craziness. Can anyone survive this onslaught of dinosaur mayhem and if so, what fate awaits those who emerge from the prison in one piece?

Entertainment Value: This is low rent, b movie cheese, but man, I had more fun with Jurassic City than I expected. The narrative is fine, it makes no sense whatsoever, but it does what it needs to do. I mean, the plot here involves random dinosaurs dropped inside a prison, so if you’re the kind of viewer who needs coherent stories, you’re in the wrong place. So yes, there are plot holes around every corner, but Jurassic City is able to balance that with b movie appeal. This includes colorful characters, over the top performances, and of course, a horde of laughable CGI dinosaurs, ever on the prowl for human flesh. And while the plot does invest time in the side threads, there is a good amount of dinosaur action and action in general, with shootouts and some fights, so this one is never dull. I know the b movie vibes aren’t for everyone, but I think the movie does well in focusing on the action and dinosaurs. I’ve seen similar films that have so much filler, but Jurassic City at least makes an effort to entertain and for a b movie of this kind, I think it works well. I doubt it will convert any nonbelievers, but if you like the ideas of raptors loose in a prison, check it out.

If you need a reliable villain, you can’t go wrong with Ray Wise, especially if there is a corporate slant to his evil presence. His role here is separate from the main cast, but he casts an ominous presence over the movie and gives us an effective villain, which is about all we can ask in this case. I think even in a smaller role like this, Wise can add a lot to a movie and that is certainly true here. I was also pleased to see Robert LaSardo in a prominent part in Jurassic City, in a role he plays often, a scrappy, tough guy not who isn’t afraid to throw down. So LaSardo does indeed battle the dinosaurs and as usual, he is more than up to the task. I feel like he is also someone who brings value to any movie, especially in a henchman or squad member position. I think genre fans will be happy to see Monique Parent and Vernon Wells in the lineup here, both with decent screen time and some memorable moments. The cast in this one also includes Kevin Gage, Dana Melanie, and Jack Forcinito.

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