Plot: Cedric Dupius (Olivier Bureau) has seen countless people rise to fame and fortune, many times without talent or vision, or so he believes. He is tired of watching others find success, as he thinks he has more talent and skill, so he decides to make his own horror movie and become famous. In order to do so, he risks the last of his finanical resources, much to his girlfriend’s displeasure. But he is so confident in his artistic vision, failure never even crosses his mind. So he gathers some friends and begins to film his grand production, though he instantly sees that his non professional cast is unable to do his script justice. His own girlfriend reminds him that the dialogue isn’t that good, which sparks a murderous rage inside Cedric. He refuses to allow his cast and crew hold him back, so he pursues a new vision for his motion picture, one that involves all too real violence and suffering…

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one, a descent into total madness that just what you think it is has hit rock bottom, Devil’s Weekend finds a new scene of depravity to smash over your brain. The narrative is effective and is just slow enough in the initial wind up to lull you into a state of false security, before it unloads one burst of blood, sex, and what the fuck after another. I was impressed by the lack of boundaries here and how skilled the gradual degradation of our lead is. So yes, this one has a lot of shocks and such, but there is also some work put in so that it isn’t just one set piece after another, at least not at first. That credit has to be shared with Olivier Bureau, who turns in a wild, memorable lead performance that has him come totally unglued, to say the least. This was not a role for the meek and Bureau seems fearless, diving into all the deviant acts with enthusiasm. He brings a lot to the movie and without such a bombastic lead, I doubt Devil’s Weekend would be so effective. The nature of the material ensures that some are bound to be scared off here, but for those who appreciate a darker, more brutal take on horror, this one is well recommended.

There are frequent sex scenes in Devil’s Weekend, but most of the actual graphic nudity is censored as part of the movie’s faux documentary or “evidence” approach. And given that the sex scenes involve numerous corpses, a dismembered torso, severed heads, and even a dead animal, that starts to make sense. I mean, this dude wants to fuck every hole he encounters and even if that means making new holes in horrific ways, he’s always down to clown. So some bare ass is seen and that’s about it, but the sex is frequent and it is not a pleasant experience. The violent really ramps up as the movie progresses, with some solid special effects work and while not all the gore is kinetic, there’s a good amount of on screen nastiness. This includes numerous hammer assaults, including a Misery inspired sequence, head and limb removals, grinder trauma, enthusiastic cat killing, and general unhinged violence. The blood quotient isn’t sky high, but it sure seems like it, perhaps because the violence is so energetic and active, but in any case, the red stuff flows here. The dialogue is a blend of some drama and dysfunction, then the total mental breakdown of Cedric, which includes a lot of rants, raves, and criticisms of the entertainment world. A number of wild lines and just outlandish monologues from Cedric, so some solid points. And yes, the craziness here is high, with all the previously mentioned chaos on tap, plus so much more. Add in extreme beatbox skills, unpleasant bath time, and a scene that involves Cedric feasting on human shit direct from a torn out colon and well, yeah. Crazy shit, literally.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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