Plot: Detective Joe Average (Karl J. Niemiec) is on the case, though I have to admit, what case that is, I can’t be sure of. I think he is looking for Tonyo (Stuart Wilson), a low level criminal who wound up in the middle of a drug deal that went south, leaving dead bodies and Tonyo on the run. In the chaos, Tonyo killed a woman named Anna (Terri Phillips), which was an accident, but her husband, a powerful member of a drug cartel, isn’t interested in excuses. So Tonyo finds himself not only hiding out, but on the run with a sizable bounty on his head, since Anna’s husband wants retribution for her death, accident or not. As these forces head toward an inevitable showdown, will anyone survive or at least figure out what’s going on?

Entertainment Value: I’ve seen a lot of movies with convoluted or hard to follow plots, but Narcotic Justice tries to be in a league of its own, with a strange and sometimes seemingly random narrative at work. That’s not a complaint either, as the bizarre story made each scene like a new mysterious surprise, so who the hell knows what might happen from moment in moment here. Of course, if you need a coherent story to follow or if things have to make sense for you, Narcotic Justice is an exercise in frustration, as that doesn’t happen here. I think the shot on video approach also helped win me over, as it is just such a cool format and the film’s offbeat vibes are enhanced by the shot on VHS visuals and atmosphere. I just think these kind of VHS action movies are a fun watch, even if the actual films aren’t classics, there’s just a kind of magic in these flicks, at least to me. But if you don’t share that perspective, then obviously the VHS element isn’t going to enhance the movie experience as much. I still think there’s b movie appeal here as well, with the fun action scenes, often awkward dialogue, and beyond half cooked plot that never ceases to confuse and amuse. So if you like super low budget action movies or shot on video cinema, give it a spin.

No nakedness. Some scantily clad ladies and gents show up, but no actual sleaze or naked flesh is showcased. The movie has some action related violence and that yields some blood, but not much. Some aftermath wounds and a little of the red stuff, but not over the top bloodshed or splashy squibs. A couple scenes do stand out, with a finger removed and back splash from a bullet to the head. The action scenes are small scale, but fun and include shootouts and some martial arts square offs. I wouldn’t call the fight scenes well choreographed, but they’re a lot of fun to watch and you can tell a good deal of enthusiasm was involved. The punches might miss by a country mile, but that’s part of the fun in cases like Narcotic Justice. As for dialogue, I don’t think many lines are quotable or overly memorable, but the script is humorous, often in unintentional ways and the performances bolster that awkward humor. So expected stilted exchanges performed in stilted fashion, which some people will be entertained by and of course, others will just roll their eyes. This one isn’t as balls to the wall bananas as some of its peers, but the movie has the undecipherable narrative, unintentional humor, and special VHS magic, so it earns a few points.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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