Plot: Inspector De Pol (Jeff Blynn) has been assigned to a murder case, but this isn’t a typical situation, as a couple has been brutally killed. The bodies were discovered on a beach with grievous wounds and even as he investigates the killings, more people are slain. But he continues to devour hard boiled eggs to inspire his police work, while hunting down clues and witnesses, trying to narrow down the path to the sadistic maniac behind the murders. There is a pattern however, as the killer is taking out the witnesses to his crimes one by one, so with each fresh corpse, his potential escape is that much closer. Can De Pol somehow get one step ahead and put an end to the violence, or is too late to capture this cruel madman?

Entertainment Value: If you like wild movies with sleaze, violence, and outlandish moments, Giallo in Venice is a hall of fame selection, the kind of flick that not only lives up to its reputation, but surpasses it. Of course, if you don’t appreciate mean spirited, graphic violence and unpredictable, vivid sexual content, you might not connect with this one, but I think it is one hell of a wild ride. I can see how some would be offended or sickened, but Giallo in Venice just dials up themes we’ve seen in horror countless times before, so this just turns up the heat on some genre elements. The tone is wildly uneven and just runs off the rails at times, so while there is a narrative, the movie is more about the mind melting experience at hand. Despite the frequent and nasty violence, the film has a good amount of humor, most unintentional, but still a lot of head scratching scenes and just bizarre moments to bask in. The killer is an absolute creep and even our police detective is a strange person, not to mention the just memorable and at times, downright absurd performances involved. You’ll never look at hard boiled eggs or public displays of affection quite the same, thanks to Giallo in Venice. I have to give this one a very high recommendation, as it goes for broke and delivers on its infamous reputation, so genre fans shouldn’t miss it.

This movie packs a lot of sleaze and not just teases either, but frequent and vivid scenes of sexual content and naked flesh. At one point, some random dude just takes his dick out starts masturbating, so that’s the kind of vibe we have here. There are numerous sex scenes on showcase, all filled with bare breasts, naked asses of all types, and glorious, epic bush for days. I don’t think I’d call most of the sex scenes overly graphic, but they’re a step beyond what most movies would do, especially since the energy in some of the sequences is bizarre, to say the least. So needless to say, a lot of naked people shown in vibrant detail in this one and as its reputation promises, some wild scenes of sexual violence are also present here. Giallo in Venice has some memorable gore as well, including the show stopping vision of scissors plunged into groins, with the camera right up in the business. There’s also a brutal hacksaw sequence, which is followed by a surreal, perhaps hilarious moment with a corpse stuffed into a refrigerator. There’s also gunshot wounds, the heat is turned up to unbearable levels, and assorted other violence is uncorked throughout. The dialogue is strange and often awkward, but doesn’t stand out as much, given the other elements involved. But rest assured, there are some fun lines and odd exchanges to be experienced here. As for overall craziness, well this is a weird, unsettling, and wildly unpredictable movie that has no real boundaries and never relents. Even the quieter moments have an eerie texture, while tuned up scenes just explode in chaos, sleaze, and violence. There’s a reason Giallo in Venice has such a notorious reputation.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10