Plot: Professor Babish (Charlie O’Connell) has taken some of his students out onto the open ocean for a semester at sea, but not all of those involved are worried about learning. After all, a long, tropical vacation sounds like paradise, even if Babish plans to make sure it is an educational excursion. But after a while on the cool, clear water, the group’s ship starts to sink thanks to some poor decisions, so Babish seeks safe harbor at the closest island. The hope for a rescue seems slim, as there is evidence that people once stayed on the atoll, but now it seems to be abandoned. While Babish and the students try to find supplies and figure out a way to patch the boat, a unique predator lurks just off the island’s shore. Can the group somehow escaped the doomed atoll and survive the killer that awaits, or will this be the end of Babish’s class?

Entertainment Value: I do love the premise here, as I’ve seen a lot of sharksploitation and a fresh approach was welcome, even if the lone addition is a second head. Of course, this sequels would continue to tack on more and more heads, which is ridiculous and hilarious. 2-Headed Shark Attack spins a yarn in line with the usual shark attack cinema, but despite the colorful concept, the movie rarely goes for broke with the zaniness, which was a let down. As you’d expect from The Asylum, there’s a colorful cast and some outlandish visual effects, so b movie fans should appreciate those elements, if the movie stalls out often. I’d think with such a fun premise, the focus would be the shark and a series of outrageous attack scenes, but instead we’re given mostly banal chatter between forgettable characters. A few bright spots come through, usually whenever the shark shows up, but to be honest, even the shark attacks weren’t that fun. I guess I expected the two headed gimmick to be put to better use, which doesn’t happen in these passable, but routine scenes. Brooke Hogan is hilarious in one of the most wooden performances I’ve seen and some humorous dialogue is present at times, but overall 2-Headed Shark Attack fails to stand out from the sharksploitation crowd.

A lot of girls in bikinis on showcase, but the movie offers little in terms of sleaze, with one topless scene present. On the plus side, the sequence involves the bare breasts of two women, but it is a brief, one time instance. The movie seems toned down in a lot of ways, so the low quotient of nakedness is no surprise. The same holds true for the violence, which despite the presence of a two headed shark, yields little in terms of on screen chaos and carnage. The shark eats some folks, but little is actually shown and in the few moments of visible violence, we’re given some low end CGI bloodshed, which deflates some of the good times. I think a multi-headed shark opens up some interesting options and even without buckets of gore, some fun scenes could have happened, but the premise is all but wasted here. The dialogue has some bad jokes and one liners, but isn’t the consistent b movie style wackiness some might want. I appreciated the colorful cast, especially Brooke Hogan’s awful, but wildly fun performance, but most are given little to do here. And general craziness follows suit with the other elements, a little touch of b movie fun here and there, but overall, 2-Headed Shark Attack is more toned down than the concept suggests.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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