Plot: Sheriff Hall (Bud Spencer) has managed to hide his young alien friend for now, but the government is hot on their trail, so Hall hits the road to keep his outer space friend out of the wrong hands. This leads to him finding work in a new town as the sheriff, where he discovers criminals run rampant, so he has to knock some heads and clean up the streets. Meanwhile, a series of bizarre parades bring a host of criminals and weirdos to town, putting Hall at odds with these lawbreakers. Meanwhile, the government closes in on the alien to capture it and a squad of not so nice extraterrestrials also seek to track down Hall and his friend. Can Hall protect his young alien buddy and find a way to get him home safely, or are the odds stacked too high against them, even for a human bulldozer like Hall?

Entertainment Value: This is the sequel to The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid, so if you haven’t seen that movie, you might feel lost as this one opens. But once you settle in, this is a bananas movie that unleashes Bud Spencer in a madcap, often nonsensical comedy that if nothing else, defies convention at all turns. The narrative is passable, but it is more of an experience than anything else, just to see what the hell happens next or how strange the picture can get. The tone is light and focuses on humor, but all kinds of odd, random things unfold here, including a recurring parade that suggests the small town does little aside from run parades. As if the movie wasn’t bizarre enough, the parades give us dynamite cowboys, dogs with goggles, and other colorful folks, while Spencer clubs people with his ham sized fists. I appreciated how often Spencer is thrown into brawls and as always, he is an absolute blast to watch as he puts the hammer down on whoever crosses him. The humor works as well, but more for how lame the jokes are and how terrible the English dub is, though I have to think those interested in this kind of movie will relish the film’s outlandish sense of humor. If you like ridiculous, beyond over the top comedies or just have to witness every Bud Spencer picture, Why Did You Pick On Me? is well recommended.

This is a family friendly, almost slapstick comedy, so no nakedness. Given the tone and nature of the material, this should be no surprise and the lack of sleaze isn’t an issue whatsoever. This also holds true in terms of bloodshed, but while there’s no gore, there is a good amount of violence involved. Bud Spencer throws hands often and these fights are hilariously outrageous, often approached as if the brawls are cartoon battles. This means Spencer is more or less Superman, able to launch his enemies in epic fashion and take on entire crowds of opponents with ease. I think the action scenes are a lot of fun, as they might be silly and over the top, but the movie goes for broke and really pushes things over the edge. I love the scene where he punches a chain of enemies one by one, sending them into seats on a moving train. Oh, the dialogue. The English dub is a total goldmine of awkward, outlandish, and hilarious exchanges, every scene seems to be packed with ridiculous lines. The dialogue here is a prime draw for b movie fans, as it has a wealth of quotable and memorable lines. As for craziness, we have Spencer driving a car into outer space, a bizarre parade, showdown at an amusement park, Spencer in a series of cartoon level brawls, super weird sci/fi alien elements, and a general what the hell is going on vibe that adds to the fun. Plus there’s one of the largest sandwiches I’ve ever seen in cinema.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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