Plot: A new competition has all of the sea monsters worked into a frenzy, as the burping contest is going to take place soon. Charlie, Corallina, Mucus, and the others all plan to enter the competition, but before anyone can even start to prepare, the troublemaker Barf stirs up some problems. The monster fish Barf has somehow unlocked a special kind of belch that can overpower the mind of others, which he has used to gather support and plans to unleash on The Maestro himself. Barf also wants to use his burp power to turn Corallina into his new true love, but Charlie isn’t going to stand idle as that happens, as he loves her as well. As the chase begins, the fish run into all kinds of colorful characters and wild situations, so can anyone make it to the burping contest and if so, who will emerge victorious?

Entertainment Value: The first Sea Monsters was not well made or much fun, but it at least had some colorful visuals and at just over 70 minutes, didn’t run on and on, which was good news. This sequel still has the colorful visuals, but adds over half an hour to the duration and sadly, doesn’t do much with the extended run time. The narrative is pretty much the same this second time around, as the fish look for help from various other sea creatures and enter a competition. The movie is also just a serious of conversations, so there is once again not much in terms of variety or kinetic plot flow, which is a shame. I also noticed that while the characters return from the original, some have been renamed and given new personalities, which is likely t confuse younger viewers who’ve seen the first movie. All of the woes that plagued Sea Monsters are back and with a longer, more drawn out duration added into the mix, Sea Monsters 2 can be a real chore to sit through. Even for younger viewers, the plot is so sparse and so little happens, it might even lose their interest.

I wasn’t too taken with the animation in the original Sea Monsters, but when I saw a sequel was made, I hoped to see some improved animation. As it turns out, this sequel just recycles most of the animation from the previous movie, down to the short loops used for the characters. So the same facial expressions, backgrounds, and mouth movements are used here, which is a let down. The animation is mostly short loops that are used regardless of the situation or dialogue being spoken, which can cause some sync issues quite often. This also means the fish don’t react to what is going on, the animation never shifts based on anything, so it is just the same small assortment of loops that are always there. The backgrounds look fine, but are still static for the most part, with some minor movement and of course, a lot of bubbles. The voice talent is fine, but again relies on stereotypical accents and little else. In short, I hoped this sequel would offer a step up in terms of animation and voice over work, but sadly, Sea Monsters 2 is just more of the same.

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