Plot: A group of escapees from a women’s prison are on the loose and these gals have no intention of going straight, so soon after they’re free, the ladies find themselves running an intense hostage situation. The convicts take control of a bus that is transporting a team of young tennis players and since the authorities are hot on their trail, they hope the hostages will give them leverage. But that’s not the whole plan, as the criminals also break into the home of a prominent judge, the same one who happened to put them behind bars in the first place. This leads to an intense atmosphere of violence, sex, and degradation, as the convicts work to negotiate an escape and get some payback on society at large.

Entertainment Value: If you like mean spirited, nasty exploitation cinema, then you should have a lot of fun with Escape from Women’s Prison, which might not involve a prison, but is soaked in the kind of rough sleaze you’d expect from a brutal women in prison flick. The narrative is minimal, as we’re just thrown right into the nastiness and the film rarely takes the time to spin much of a story, though there is a metric ton of political commentary sprinkled around. So if you like the idea of your politics mixed in with rape and violence, this is one of the rare instances where both are served up in heaping doses. The harsh tone is likely to put some viewers off, as this isn’t light hearted, outlandish b movie type stuff, but there is still some hilarious dialogue and outlandish sequences present. I appreciated the darker approach, as it helps Escape from Women’s Prison stand out from the crowd a little and it does lead to some jaw dropping moments, which are always welcome. This is just some true degenerates getting down and grimy in all kinds of sexual and violent ways, the kind of movie where you need two showers after you watch. Despite the lack of prison bars, I still think this will appeal to fans of women in prison cinema, as well as anyone who appreciates the rougher end of the exploitation spectrum.

Escape from Women’s Prison has no shortage of naked flesh, with frequent and prolonged nakedness on showcase. This includes numerous topless scenes, almost cock shots, bare asses, and of course, a selection of some of the most robust, remarkable bush around. The sex scenes aren’t tame, but not all that graphic either, depending on your sensitivity to full frontal exposure and all that. The movie includes several rape scenes however, including a woman raping a man, a man raping a woman, a woman raping a woman, and in one of the wildest scenes, a woman raping a woman who gets interrupted by a man, who she then tries to rape for barging in on the original rape. So yeah, this is a rough, skin soaked excursion. The movie has some violence, but not much in terms of gore or even general bloodshed. But given that the sleaze is on overload, I think we can forgive the low crimson quotient. The dialogue is as mean spirited as the rest of the movie and provides some outrageous exchanges, not to mention a host of highly quotable lines. The highlight is a woman telling a man to stick his goddamn hand up his wife’s butthole, but there’s more where that came from. This is prime dysfunction and social cruelty, some real gold mine in this one. The craziness is ample as well, with the nihilistic characters, strange political commentary, rampant sleaze, and out of this world dialogue. If you like nasty, mean spirited characters doing immoral and flat out cruel things to each other, this is a movie you need.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

The Disc: The movie has been graced with a new 4k scan of a duplicate negative for this Blu-ray release from Severin Films. The end result looks quite good given the nature of the material, but of course, looks a little rough when compared to slicker, better cared for films. The print looks cleaner than I expected, but some debris is evident and signs of age are also present. But there is surprising detail at times and to be honest, the grit and grime suit the content, so it never an issue. You can also watch the extended Italian version of the movie, while other extras include an interview with director Giovanni Brusadori and the film’s trailer.

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