Plot: Alison (Corri English) was a late minute addition to her medical school class, but she managed to get moved from the waiting list to the classroom, so she is excited to get started. Her first class is gross anatomy, which centers on dissection of human bodies that have been donated to science, so the students can learn hands on and get used to the experience. While she is prepared, when the sheet is pulled back and sees the female corpse on the table, an eerie feeling comes over her and gets sick to her stomach, though everyone brushes it off as nerves. As time passes, she recovers, but continues to have an unsettling feeling when she is around the body, especially when others start to have similar unease. But is there something supernatural going on with this corpse or are the students just unnerved by the eerie atmosphere?

Entertainment Value: I’ve seen a number of these kind of movies, where a corpse seems to spark some kind of supernatural presence in the morgue or medical school, so Unrest doesn’t bring much new to the table. I wouldn’t rank it at the worst of the lot, but it also does little to stand out and while a slow burn approach can be effective, here it winds up as a fizzle. The narrative is passable and even has some sparks of potential, but the pace is glacial at times and the flow is tied up in the convoluted plot elements, which really drag down the movie. I like the idea of exploring the life of the corpse and how that plays into the supernatural presence, but the writing drops the ball and delivers a dull, less than memorable exposition route. In this case, I think more mystery would have been more effective, rather than be fed all of the information, only to have to be of little to no interest. The cast doesn’t leave much of an impression either, though aside from Corri English, no one is given much to do. She fares well enough, but doesn’t have that screen presence needed to carry a weak movie, so while she covers the basics, it is not a turn you’ll remember. If you’re dying for some medical themed horror, you could do worse, but Unrest is a tough one to recommend.

The lone nakedness here is courtesy of a corpse, so adjust your expectations, for better or worse. And unlike some of the more colorful morgue movies out there, Unrest doesn’t dip into the necrophilia pool much. The presence of the corpse also ensures some gore of sorts, though the actual dissection elements are tame and the bloodshed is passive, rather than kinetic and splashy. But there’s some medical oriented red stuff at times and some other dead bodies, including severed body parts that float in. But if you want a blood soaked, violent kind of horror movie, Unrest isn’t that. This is a more deliberate, almost supernatural thriller kind of approach. The dialogue is straight forward and rather bland, though it does do what it needs to do. So no wild lines or even humorous or memorable ones, just basic and mostly bland. The craziness is minimal in Unrest, though a late scene that throws logic out the window and involves a swim in formaldehyde earns a point.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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