Plot: A serene, beachfront precinct with no crime seems like a police department’s dream, but because the situation looks sketchy to the higher ups, this sun soaked district winds up audited. With his boss out of the picture at the moment, second in command David (Corey Feldman) has to keep the place under control and of course, ensure the brothel inside the station house remains under wraps. That’s right, this crime free beach haven happens to have a house of ill repute right inside the police station, always a way to keep solicitation complaints down. As wackiness unfolds at an unprecedented rate, can David keep some kind of order at the station until the audit ends or will he just give up and let the good times roll?

Entertainment Value: This is an odd one, the directorial debut of Corey Feldman and while there is a narrative of sorts, Busted is more of a Cinemax style sex comedy with various loosely connected vignettes. There is a certain charm to this, as it is so random and off the wall at times, with some strong 80s sex comedy vibes, even though it was released in the late 90s. There’s little rhyme or reason to what happens and that can hinder the laughs at times, since there’s not consideration put into the story or characters. I mean, I don’t think anyone expects deep development from this kind of humor, but this makes Porky’s look like Citizen Kane. The upside to a kind of nonlinear series of set pieces is that if one routine doesn’t land, there’s always another one right around the corner. And there’s always over the top, slapstick style humor and of course, naked girls galore in this one. The cast is fine and everyone seems to be run with the silliness, especially Feldman, who dials his performance into the stratosphere and beyond. He’s joined by Elliott Gould, Julie Strain, Monique Parent, Ron Jeremy, Todd Bridges, and in a tiny role, Corey Haim. I have to think most people will just be confused by this mess, but for those who appreciate a wild cast and a gonzo approach to Cinemax style sex comedies, give it a shot.

This one packs in a lot of bare breasts, as in few scenes unfold without some kind of topless mayhem going on. The boobs are out often and the camera is never shy, so this isn’t brief coverage in the least. A wide scope of ladies are involved and in all kinds of situations, though the ridiculous tone means the erotic potential is likely limited. Even when the movie tries to inject a little seduction, it is tempered by silliness, so don’t expect much beyond the skin. A nearly constant parade of bare breasts and some bare asses, but the nudity is never graphic here. No blood. This is a goofy, over the top sex comedy, so aside from some pratfalls, no real violence at all. The dialogue is pretty terrible from start to finish, but I have a soft spot for lines so bad your mind begins to shut down, so I had fun with Busted. If you appreciate just rotten, groan inducing humor that would make most dads say “too corny,” you should bask in the vibe of this movie. The crazy scale is a little odd in this case, as the movie is pretty much total nonsense throughout, but it never feels that mind meltingly strange or bizarre. Over the top, yes, but not that insane or out of control. Even so, the sheer ridiculousness of some of Busted earns a few points, without question.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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