Plot: A young woman is horrified when she witnesses her fiance throw someone off a balcony to a brutal death, but before she can even begin to react, more violence erupts all around her. Another relative is stabbed numerous times and the young woman is certain there is some kind of familial curse, one that she wants to break and end this spree of horrific violence. But the curse soon turns toward her, when those around her begin to show violent tendencies and even attack her, though she is able to escape with her life. Now she is terrified to go anywhere or do anything, as the assaults don’t seem to be ending, but she has to do something if she wants to research the curse, as dangerous as her quest is. She finds a potential ally in a young man who seems to believe her, as if he has experienced the curse first hand. But can she find some way to end the curse before the attacks finally succeed and take her life?

Entertainment Value: Voices is a solid chiller that has some solid atmosphere and excellent visuals, but can’t translate that into an engaging horror experience, it just never shifts into high gear. The storyline is fine and has some potential, as our lead explores this horrific curse, but it doesn’t have a strong hook and even when the twists roll out, it doesn’t pop enough. The movie is watchable and mostly interesting, but not in a must see kind of way, more like a “I started this one, might as well finish” vibe, which isn’t a strong endorsement. But I loved the visuals of Voices, with dark and eerie compositions that kept my eyes entertained throughout. I also think those visuals contribute to the film’s atmosphere, which is good at times, but starts to sink often and usually because the pace grinds in stretches. I think when Voices takes a more stylish, kinetic approach, it works quite well, but those instances are infrequent and while I don’t mind a slow burn, there needs to be a good payoff, which Voices doesn’t have. But despite the film’s issues, I think the movie is worth a look to fans of visually dynamic horror movies, as it does have some positives to offer.

This one has no sexual elements at all, so that means no nakedness. But given that the premise involves a young woman who seems to become a murder target non stop, perhaps not stopping for romance was a wise choice. There is some bloodshed and it is well crafted, if a little too infrequent. The highlight is a brutal hospital attack in which the victim is stabbed numerous times, with blood splashing around nicely and the camera is generous to let us see the violence. Not super graphic by any means, but the attack is a vicious one and translates well, without question. There’s also some head trauma after a swan dive, more stab wounds, and assorted other bits of violence, but that hospital assault is the crown jewel. The dialogue is serious and effective, but never veers into humor or over the top madness. So while it is well written, the low score is for the lack of wild, memorable, or quotable lines. The sudden violence earns a point, but otherwise Voices is a serious, darker kind of horror movie, so there’s not much wackiness going on here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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