Plot: After a wild night of alcohol and parties, a group of friends is out on the road when an accident detours their trek, as they’ve run over something. Or someone as it turns out, though some of the friends have suffered some injuries as well, so soon enough an ambulance carries them to the local hospital. Emily (Jessica Lowndes) is worried about her boyfriend, who got rattled around in the accident, but she is comforted and assured he is in good hands. She meets Dr. Benway (Robert Patrick), who is pleasant and seems to know his stuff, so she settles down a little, at least until she can’t seem to find some of her friends. As she continues to search for her friends, more strange things begin to happen, but what dark secrets does the hospital hold?

Entertainment Value: This is a mostly routine horror flick, but Autopsy does hit the mark at times, so it isn’t without its merits. The narrative is basic and familiar, a group of friends in a strange locale when odd things start to happen, but there are some mildly fresh twists and turns here. The finale reveal is passable and makes sense, even if it isn’t that much or memorable. The movie has more gore than expected, which helps a lot in this case, while the cast shows up to put in work, with Robert Patrick in a fun role as the suspicious doctor. Patrick is one of the highlights, as his presence adds a lot to Autopsy, but Jenette Goldstein, Michael Bowen, and Robert LaSardo all turn in fun, dialed up performances as well. I didn’t love Jessica Lowndes as our lead, but she was fine, just not that memorable. The pace was good, if a touch slow between set pieces, as there isn’t much of a flow between scenes. But overall the pace works and the run time is short enough so the narrative doesn’t feel too drawn out, so it holds your interest, even if you might not be glued to the screen. I wouldn’t give it a strong recommendation, but Autopsy proves to be a decent watch, bolstered by a good cast and a little more gore than you might expect.

The lone nakedness here is a man’s bare ass, so while it is a little skin on showcase, not enough to move the needle. But the blood needle moves, as Autopsy packs in some gushes of the red stuff and the effects work is quite good, even if the guts are spilling all over the place. I think the highlight is when a girl rips open the stitches on a dude, which causes his innards to spill out and of course, all over her. The scene looks fantastic and is so well executed, just a terrific instance of bloodshed. There’s also a skull drilled, a cart filled with severed feet, some limb grinding, and various other wounds, not to mention a syringe to the face, which is always fun. Another bright point has to be when Robert Patrick stabs a needle into a girl’s back, then gulps down the spinal fluid, just cinematic poetry in motion. The dialogue is passable, but even with some colorful performances, the script doesn’t push the lines into the wild or memorable. The craziness follows that trend, but the wackiness of Robert Patrick’s performance adds some score, as well as the other dialed up efforts. But things don’t spiral into chaos or plunge off the deep end, so don’t expect much insanity out of this one.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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