Plot: Gareth (Julian Morris) is a man with a singular vision, as he wants nothing more than to become a knight. He has trained his entire life to serve as a knight and he has the skills the role requires, but he is refused time and again. This is because while he has the talent and battle skills to take up a knight’s sword, he lacks the social status and wealth that the nobles think a knight should possess. As this isn’t likely to change, Gareth is more than a little disheartened, but when he sees a golden meteor crash to earth, he thinks his luck might have shifted. After all, if the meteor had even a little gold to offer, he could prove he belonged, so he seeks out the crash site. But once he arrives, he is attacked by other treasure seekers and left badly wounded, though one golden egg remains left behind. Gareth might not have found the key to knighthood he hoped, but what secrets does this mysterious egg hold?

Entertainment Value: The first DragonHeart was a passable fantasy with comic tinges and the first sequel was an outlandish b movie, but this third movie winds up as a slice of mediocre, forgettable cinema. This feels like someone had a generic fantasy story and the DragonHeart brand was slapped on, to the point that the dragon element is barely part of the experience. The narrative is fine at the core, but is so convoluted and drawn out, it just drags on and on, taking new turns and involving new characters with little to no payoff involved. I think The Sorcerer’s Curse could have been a little better if some of the filler was cut loose, as the pace is slow even when the movie tries to be kinetic and even chaotic, as the material is dull. The movie tries to compensate for the bland script with erratic, fast camerawork in a lot of the scenes, but the result isn’t fun or all that effective at all. I just found this to be boring and of little entertainment value, despite being able to enjoy the previous installments in one way or another. If you’re here for the dragon action, you’ll likely be let down, but if you’re a fantasy film addict, perhaps you can get more out of this one.

The cast here is mostly lower profile performers and that’s fine of course, but no one is able to do much or stand out. This is in part due to the mind numbing script and poor production choices, but I’ve seen worse movies where at least someone on the cast took a run at a memorable effort. Ben Kingsley is the star power of The Sorcerer’s Curse, but he has a voice over role and given the lowered emphasis on the dragon this time around, he can’t do much to save the movie. Even so, his presence ensures that one performance is decent at least, which is a plus. Julian Morris isn’t the worst lead I’ve seen, but he brings little to the table and doesn’t seem that interested, so between that and the weak script, things don’t work too well. At least a colorful or enthusiastic lead could have driven the movie a little, but no such luck here. The cast also includes Tamzin Merchant, Jonjo O’Neill, and Jass Ahluwalia.

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