Plot: Johnny (Travis Aaron Wade) has just gotten some bad news, as his uncle has passed on, but he has also been willed the remote estate of the dearly departed. Perhaps estate is too generous, but Johnny now owns a chunk of wooded land and the modest home his uncle inhabited, nonetheless. As he spent some time there as a child, he knows the area is rich with hunting ground potential, so he gathers up some friends and heads out for a weekend in the woods. Soon after arriving in the rural locale, Johnny is greeted by a couple of childhood friends, who aren’t as refined as his current social circle. Jake (Jason Foster) is surprised to see Johnny back in the boondocks, but spins him a yarn about a massive boar in the area and of course, that mythical creature becomes the target of the hunting trek. But is this monstrous boar really out there in the woods and if so, can Johnny and his friends bag the legendary animal?

Entertainment Value: As a huge fan of the when animals attack genre, I always look forward to pig/boar related movies, as they spark of memories of Razorback, one of the all time classics. Pig Hunt is no Razorback, but it does have a wild creature and picks up toward the finale. The lead up to that finale is rather lackluster however, with a weak narrative and a host of bland characters. I hoped for a kind of Deliverance vibe, but while Pig Hunt has some rednecks, there is never much tension or atmosphere, nor any kind of real hicksploitation style antics. The rednecks here are just basic stereotypes and the script gives the actors little to work with, so unless bragging about hunting or spitting is intense to you, this won’t spark much reaction. The pace is quite slow as well and until the final act, there’s not much to hold your attention or even narrative breadcrumbs, just mild drama with some hunting elements. But when the finale pops off, Pig Hunt takes a turn toward b movie greatness and throws out a nice assortment of ingredients. Of course, that is fun and all, but when taken as a whole, Pig Hunt offers too little, too late and earns a slight recommendation at best. Too bad the entire movie wasn’t as wild and fun as the finale.

Pig Hunt has some light nakedness, as one scene features several topless girls enjoying a swim, while another sequence also showcases bare breasts, though in the stylish shadows to add artistic merit. This one has a good amount of hunting related violence, so that means dead animal scenes and aftermath bloodshed on the corpses, as well as a severed horse head for good measure. The pig itself looks quite good, with solid special effects bringing it to life and while it doesn’t attack often, when it does the movie lets loose some fun carnage. This includes goring of course, a chunked up, half alive victim, disembowelment via tusk, and some other bits of nastiness. Some is shown in vivid detail and the effects are good, so this is an area where Pig Hunt delivers. The dialogue is basic and forgettable, despite the rich potential of the rednecks, as the film delivers a generic script and bland characters. An interesting character or two, especially a colorful redneck, could have worked wonders here, but alas, that wasn’t in the cards. The craziness scale ramps up in the finale, with voodoo cultists, an arena style pig duel, and increased violence, but there are also other instances of wackiness sprinkled around. I love the scene where a dude takes like five minutes to kick out a window and the movie just stays with the shot, it is ridiculous and hilarious, great stuff.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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