Plot: As soon as Kay Kyser and his band see the Bellacrest estate, the group realizes how eerie and remote the mansion is. But their brand of music and humor is likely to liven the joint right up, so they push onward with the performance. Soon the house is full of an eccentric collection of characters, from Kyser’s comedic sidekicks to a special agent to a put upon damsel to three strange, ominous men, whom no one seems comfortable around. The trio includes a psychic (Bela Lugosi), a questionable professor (Peter Lorre), and a judge of problematic integrity (Boris Karloff), so when strange things start to happen, you know who the suspects are. But why have these three eerie men arrived at Bellacrest and will their dark plans come to fruition, or can the other guests figure out the truth before it is too late?

Entertainment Value: If you like your murder mysteries laced with over the top, vaudeville style humor and frequent musical performances, then You’ll Find Out is the movie you’ve dreamed about. I was quite taken with the spectacle of the opening scenes, as a manic Kay Kyser and his beyond outlandish band host some kind of bizarre game show. While some humor is lost as time passes, the outrageous antics of Kyser and his band transcend that fate, turning into an almost surreal spectacle that boggles the mind, or at least mine. The movie has a light tone and despite the mystery angle, doesn’t lean on tension whatsoever, so if you want a tight, winding suspense yarn, this isn’t going to scratch that itch. The main focus is on Kyser and his band, as the movie seems to be a vehicle for the group’s blend of music and slapstick humor, so your opinion of You’ll Find Out will likely hinge on how Kyser’s style strikes you. I can see both sides, as it can be eye rolling levels of hokey at times, but it really commits to that approach and that leads to some outlandish sequences. Not a comedy classic by any means, but so silly and over the top, so b movie fans might find some entertainment here. I also think there’s general curio value to You’ll Find Out, while it will also be of interest to fans of Kyser or the horror legends involved.

This movie will likely lure in some viewers just interested in those horror legends, as the film features Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre. I think there is always some fun in just seeing these genre titans in action, but sadly, they’re not the focus here and aren’t always given a lot to do. You’ll Find Out is Kyser’s show, so the trio is more in the back of the crowd at times. Lugosi has the largest role of the three and of course, he knew how to play these eerie roles and he takes full advantage of a voice altering device, which adds some additional fun. If you’ve ever wondered how Lugosi would sound in autotune, this is your chance to find out. Karloff and Lorre have much smaller roles and again might not have a lot of chances to shine, but these guys know to make the most of minor roles, so they still bring entertainment value to the table. Kyser has the lead and his main band members also get plenty of screen time, so if you like dated, but outlandish old school humor, you might appreciate their antics. The cast also includes Helen Parrish, Alma Kruger, and Ginny Simms.

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