Plot: A pair of young couples is on quite an excursion, traveling through the outback to camp and experience the great outdoors, but they soon discover there are more lethal predators than the local wildlife. While the road, a truck driver gets a little erratic and draws the ire of the friends, who then try to pass the truck, only to have it the driver get even more aggressive. Soon enough, the friends are not only run off the road, but in a terrible accident that leaves them banged up and the car totaled, stranding them in the middle of nowhere. After they start to search for someone to help them, they see the same truck parked and approach it to get some answers, only to once again find themselves at its mercy. Now the friends must fight for survival and try to piece together what is going on with the truck, as no one seems to be behind the wheel, but the vehicle seems obsessed with killing…

Entertainment Value: This is an overly serious, quite dull snoozer that lifts elements from other road trip horror movies and patches them together into a forgettable quilt of boredom. I don’t mind a serious tone at all, but Road Kill is never able to build tension or make the retread narrative interesting, so the end result is just tedious and the cast is not much help. If this was a sharp, intense thriller, then the serious tone makes sense, but instead, the movie settles for a few minor upticks in tension and allows the rest to meander with little purpose. I also wouldn’t have minded the slow pace if this was about a slow burn narrative, but what little suspense the movie musters is wasted, with no payoff or twists to showcase. A few brief scenes of violence are all Road Kill has to give us and with the rest of the film a glacial chore, even those small highlights are lost in the shuffle. The cast does little to improve the experience, with generic efforts that aren’t the worst I’ve seen, but utterly nondescript in all aspects. This is not all on them however, as the script doesn’t give them much to work with and saddles them with basic, often unlikable characters. I was bored stiff with Road Kill and I can’t recommend it, as it just falls flat on all fronts.

The movie opens with one of the couples enjoying a loud romp in the tent, while the other couple listens on in envy, so we have a topless sequence to start us off, but that’s all the nakedness here. I did appreciate how the scene conveys some basic dynamics of the four main characters, but sadly it doesn’t lead anywhere. There is some light blood at times, but the main violence happens off screen. This is a shame, as there is a tire to the face scene that could have packed a nice punch, but it winds up neutered by just giving us a little splash of the red stuff from off camera. A few other minor incidents pop up, with gunshot wounds, the usual abrasions and scratches, and some aftermath blood, but little kinetic violence is present here. The dialogue is basic and as generic as it gets, not a single memorable line to be had in Road Kill. This carries over the craziness section, as the movie just never tries to be original or creative, perhaps some wilder moments could have done a lot to make this more tolerable. I did like the car crashes however, so that earns one point at least.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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