Plot: After several failed attempts to control the crocodiles at Lake Placid, the area was cordoned off and turned into a preserve, only to once again be stumbled upon and carnage ensued. Now the locale has been treated as if it doesn’t even exist, never talked about outside of hushed rumors and even removed from maps, with the hope that no more incidents would unfold. But not everyone can resist the temptation to find out if the rumors are true, so a team of eco-activists investigate to learn the truth about this forbidden lake. Has this notorious area become safe since it was taken off the world’s radar or will these activists discover the danger is still very much alive?

Entertainment Value: This is sixth installment in the Lake Placid series and it shifts gears in drastic fashion, moving away from the b movie, over the top vibes and going for a more straight forward approach. I don’t mind shaking up a stagnant formula, but man, Lake Placid: Legacy makes some horrible decisions and delivers what it is easily the least fun, most boring volume in the series. The more serious tone is a total washout, as the narrative is weak and the cast is disinterested, so there’s not even unintentional humor here. I haven’t loved every minute of the previous Lake Placid films, but they were all at least watchable, where as this one is beyond a chore and offers very little in terms of scares, atmosphere, humor, or even monster movie type thrills. This is the kind of movie where you check your watch ten minutes in, because it feels like you’ve been sitting for a couple hours at that point. I can find some positives in almost any movie, but I was hard pressed to think of a single compliment for Lake Placid: Legacy, as it is dull and lifeless throughout. Even for rabid fans of the when animals attack genre, it is tough to recommend this clunker.

No nakedness. This one breaks the long tradition of some light sleaze in the Lake Placid movies, so the fun wasn’t the lone element to be abandoned here. This one also scales back the animal attacks by a large degree, which means not only less of the crocodile mayhem, but toned down attacks as well. Almost all of the kills happen off screen and what little bloodshed is present is low end CGI, but this is eons worse than previous movies in the series, which says a lot. This looks like rushed, slapdash visual effects work even by SyFy standards, a real shame. I’m not sure why the focus was shifted to boring, forgettable human characters instead of the franchise’s bread & butter crocodiles, but it was a poor choice. The dialogue is bland and not a single line stands out as memorable, so not even banter or one liners provide bursts of fun and escape from the never ending void of Lake Placid: Legacy. No craziness. Some wild lines, colorful characters, inventive kills, or any kind of effort to entertain could have worked wonders here, but no such luck with any of those elements.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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