Plot: This movie follows the usual mondo approach, which means little narrative, but ample narration. Our fine narrator guides on us on a tour of the world’s oddities and curiosities, though you might wonder just how exotic some of these locals are, and with good reason. Some of the stops include a sneak peek inside a massage parlor, a weekly voodoo session, fake Nazis in a stage production, and a sex slave auction, complete with putting the naked acquisitions in the trunk. While some mondo movies make an effort to conceal the flim-flam of the staged elements, Mondo Bizarro doesn’t try much at all and to me, that makes the movie even more outlandish. And the genre isn’t known overall for the authentic nature of the scenes depicted, so I doubt many will be let down by how over the top fake this material is. Given how tame most of the vignettes are, the camp and ridiculousness are quite welcome elements.

Entertainment Value: Mondo Bizarro kicks off with a voyeuristic scene of women changing clothes, as we are warned that the women are unaware of the presence of the camera. Of course, the women make eye contact with the camera numerous times and play to the lens, but that kind of attempted trickery is what makes these kind of mondo movies so much fun. Most of the scenes here are sexploitation style cheesecake, but there’s also more variety than you might expect, as the film takes some odd turns into darker or outlandish areas. A stage show that involves Nazis beating a woman, an awkward massage spy session, and even a voodoo ritual are chronicled, so there’s some strange choices made here. I appreciate all this wackiness of course, including when the movie really shifts gears and looks at some carnival style tricks, such as eating glass and putting hooks through the skin. The lure of mondo movies to me is to be taken on a tour of all kinds of off the wall and wild segments, so I appreciated the assortment of content explored, as it kept the pace brisk. At the same time, I know some prefer the more single minded approach to keep the content consistent, so in that vein, I’d say most of the scenes are sexploitation oriented. I think Mondo Bizarro is a no brainer for mondo movie fans, as it has ample goofiness and has the kind of whirlwind chicanery we want from the genre.

The movie has frequent naked girls on showcase, with numerous topless scenes and bare asses displayed. This nudity is never graphic however, so the sleaze factor is low and this is mostly light cheesecake style skin. But the boobs are consistent and all manner of lady and scenario are explored, so there’s no lack of skin in Mondo Bizarro. There’s no gore or over the top violence here, but the movie does deliver a voodoo ceremony and some whip happy Nazis, so there’s that. The lack of violence is not a concern in the least, as it wouldn’t really fit with the light, brisk tone of Mondo Bizarro. This isn’t the kind of movie that relies on well written, powerful dialogue, but we do have the mondo staple, in an overly serious, even pretentious at times narrator, which is fun. This dude isn’t good for a wealth of ludicrous observations, but he has his moments. The craziness scale lights up a little for Mondo Bizarro, as the obvious fakery and some of the sillier, more oddball scenes dial up the score a little. But this is one of the more light hearted mondo movies, so it never goes fully off the rails.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

The Disc: This one was released on Blu-ray by Severin Films, as part of a mondo movies double feature with Mondo Freudo. A new 4k scan from vault negatives is delivered here and that is great news for mondo fans, as I never expected to see these kind of films given this lavish level of treatment. I’d seen the movie once before on Something Weird’s DVD release, but this new presentation is a world of improvement, so it is almost like watching it again for the first time. The movie looks super clean here, with minimal print debris or other signs of wear, which lets detail come through well, but also keeps the natural film texture. Mondo fans should be thrilled here. A humorous, slightly informative commentary track is present, with Johnny Legend and Eric Caidan having some laughs at the film’s expense. A fairly extensive interview about mondo movies with Chris Poggliali is also present, as well as trailers for Mondo Bizarro and Mondo Freudo, as well as the second feature film Mondo Freudo itself.

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