Plot: The incredible journey of Reba (Yancy Butler) continues, as she had risen from big game hunter to Fish & Game official and now, she wears the badge of Sheriff, likely because all the previous ones were eaten by crocodiles. But while she has been able to stay one step ahead of the lake’s crocodiles to this point, even she might not be able to handle what is head her way this time. Bickerman (Robert Englund) somehow survived his last trip to the lake and has secured a crocodile for a group of genetic engineers, who plan to combine the crocodile’s genetic material with that of a special strain of anaconda, because why not, right? Soon enough, Reba finds herself at odds with both crocodiles and a vicious anaconda, not to mention the shrill presence of sorority girls. Can even she survive this onslaught?

Entertainment Value: The Lake Placid saga continues in this fifth installment, but this time the established formula is shaken up a little, as we have both crocodiles and an anaconda on the loose. After four movies that seemed slavish to the concept, the addition of a fresh elements is beyond welcome and in truth, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda is a fun watch for b movie fans. After a dull misstep in The Final Chapter, the franchise returns to over the top camp in this sequel and for the first time in the series, embraces the animal attacks at a high level. The previous movies had some crocodile action, but here the attacks are amped up in both frequency and fun factor, a decision that raises the entertainment value a lot. The story makes little sense as usual, but the cast runs with the campiness and that makes the ridiculous plot worthwhile, while the brisk pace ensures things never slow or drawn out. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda leans on the b movie threads and while it might not be super off the deep end or insane, it takes some steps in the right direction and proves there is still life in this premise, as long as the filmmakers are willing to cut loose a little. I found this to be one of the better volumes of Lake Placid, as it is a fun ride that puts on no pretenses, instead it unleashes the crocodiles and anaconda, then lets the b movie vibes take over. For fans of b movies and when animals attack cinema, worth a spin.

This one has some sorority girls in bikinis, but sadly ends the trend of the last few Lake Placid movies including some naked skin. So no sleaze this time around, but the next department helps compensate for that oversight a little. As I mentioned before, this movie ups the ante on the animal attacks and while there still isn’t a wealth of gore, at least the beasts are unleashed more here. I especially appreciated the scenes that deliver on the promise of the title, as it is quite cool to have an anaconda put the squeeze on a crocodile until it explodes into red mist and chunks. The creatures are around a lot more often than in the previous installments and while the bloodshed is yet again low end CGI, I think more effort went in this time. The crocodile design seems a little different, still awful of course, but a little more up to date than the 90s video game creations found in the earlier Lake Placid films. So still not go for broke style when animals attack madness, I appreciated the increase in violence. The dialogue is fun as usual, with Yancy Butler once again as a source of most of the more memorable lines, though Corin Nemec and Robert Englund have some quips as well. Nemec seems like a good fit for these over the top b movies, but Butler once again steals the show. I think this one earns an extra crazy point for the increased animal attacks and ridiculous squeeze kills, while the general b movie elements tick it up as well.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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