Plot: Reba (Yancy Butler) is still a bad ass crocodile hunter, but these days instead of being on the wrong side of the law, she represents Fish & Game and watches over the infamous lake. The locale is now a preserve for crocodiles, which makes sense, given that whenever anyone tried to stop the crocodiles’ march of terror, it never worked for longer than a short while. An elaborate electric fence system keeps the lake isolated and ensures no one wanders in to be devoured, but of course, accidents happen and soon enough, the crocodiles hear the dinner bell. A school field trip takes a dangerous turn when the bus driver gets distracted and crashes through the fence, leaving the students stranded in the lethal locale. As it happens, no one seems to realize which lake they’ve arrived at, so no one panics and the kids even cut loose for some fun. But once the crocodiles begin to hunt, will anyone survive the onslaught this time or will Reba find a way to fend off the beasts one more time?

Entertainment Value: The Lake Placid franchise rolls on and while The Final Chapter was not indeed the final chapter, I was glad to see Yancy Butler return as Reba, as she is one of the series’ best elements. The narrative is bare bones but falls in line with the earlier movies, though a total lack of twists or turns hinders the movie, as very little happens here. I don’t mind a simple, straight ahead take on the when animals attack formula, but Lake Placid: The Final Chapter just isn’t colorful or wild enough to make up for the dull story we’re handed. I appreciated Butler being more of a focus and we even get a dialed up Robert Englund as an over the top poacher, but the b movie vibes just aren’t plentiful enough. And as always, the movie scales back the animal attacks and given how boring the narrative is, that seems like an unwise choice. Some wild, creative crocodile attacks could have worked wonders here, to add some spice and help mask the lesser elements involved. So there is potential here, between the crocodiles and a couple of very fun characters, but Lake Placid: The Final Chapter fails to make use of them and winds up as a big step backwards for the franchise.

As with the last couple Lake Placid flicks, The Final Chapter drums up a little naked flesh, though not much. All the bare breasts are uncorked in one sequence, with three girls showcasing their girls in total. This includes two topless chicks being leered at by a creeper while he pisses in the lake near them, making the scene a little more humorous at least. This series has never really gone all out with the crocodile violence and this sequel continues that trend, as most of the attacks are tame and the bloodshed happens off screen. I did like the scene where the creeper gets his penis bitten off, but it was handled in a lame fashion, which dampened the fun. As with the previous movies, the blood is CGI and looks horrible, so even when a kill is kind of fun, the awful digital effects dial down the good times. I still think the low end CGI used for the crocodiles is hilarious though, as it looks as if no effort whatsoever is made to make them look or move halfway believable. As for dialogue, Yancy Butler is fun as usual and has some nice barbs, while Robert Englund is humorous as the campy poacher. But that’s where the memorable lines end, as the rest of the dialogue is fairly basic and doesn’t dip into the b movie well much. The insanity meter barely registers here, so one point for the couple of colorful characters, but that’s all she wrote in this one.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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