Plot: Alex (Devon Sawa) is about to embark on a school trip, but this one will take he and his classmates to Europe, which promises to be the kind of journey that no one will ever forget. After he boards, he nods off waiting for takeoff and experiences a horrific dream, in which the plane crashes and he, along with everyone else on board is killed in the fiery disaster. He wakes up in a panic and while he should be relieved, instead he gets even more panicked when real life begins to mirror his nightmare, as if it was more of a premonition. In a rush to exit the plane, Alex upsets some of his classmates and in the chaos that follows, he and several others are removed from the plane. As the situation is being sorted out on the ground, the plane prepares for takeoff and just seconds after it takes to the skies, it explodes just like in Alex’s vision. But why did Alex foresee this tragic turn of events and now that he has survived what should have been a fatal flight, what fate awaits him and the other survivors?

Entertainment Value: Final Destination might not be that original or creative, but it is a solid teen horror flick that at least tries to craft some fun death scenes. The cheating death scenario has been done time and again, including this exact concept in Sole Survivor, but Final Destination throws some new tricks in at least and has some fun moments. The movie was a hit and launched several sequels, some of which surpassed the original on all fronts. I think the movie works best when it drops the pretense of being a dark, serious horror film and runs with the campier elements. The movie’s best scenes are the ones where it shows a sense of humor and while Tony Todd has a small role, he steals the show in that regard. As the characters aren’t given much depth, it is hard to connect with them, so I appreciate when Final Destination focuses on the ones you can’t wait see killed. A couple of the characters are likable, but most are bland and totally forgettable, while our lead is an emo douche that is nearly impossible to root for whatsoever. Even so, the atmosphere is solid, there are some laughs, and the kills have at least a little thought put into them, so as far as teen horror flicks from this period, Final Destination is more than solid.

No nakedness. This one doesn’t even mild sleaze and it makes sense why, given that sexual elements aren’t emphasized in the least. But I think we all know if death was chasing teens, there’d be at least some monkey business going on, right? As I said before, I do think some effort was put into the kills, but most aren’t memorable and there’s not much bloodshed. The railroad shrapnel scene is a fun one and the bus sequence is likely the one that stands out the most, though now similar scenes have happened so often, it barely registers here. The morgue scene has a nice spurt of the red stuff and there’s some mild stab wounds in another scene, but overall Final Destination could probably pass for PG-13 in the violence arena. The dialogue is mostly basic or overly serious, but some fun lines creep in at times. Tony Todd is the MVP in this department as the creepy mortician, without a doubt. As for craziness, the movie doesn’t go for broke and rarely veers off the expected path, so not much to report here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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