Plot: Duke hates his job. As a unicorn on a children’s carousel, he has to endure all kinds of abuse and disrespect, but when a kid wipes his boogers on his face, Duke decides enough is enough. He detaches from the carousel and begins a plot to enact his own violent brand of vengeance, against those who mistreated him and anyone else who crosses his path. As a carousel unicorn, it won’t be easy for Duke to blend in, but he isn’t too concerned about stealth, as anyone who discovers he has come to life will be left in a bloody heap. Soon Duke is on the warpath and racking up a blood soaked body count, but will he be able to find the little brat that gave him a snot bath and settle the score once and for all?

Entertainment Value: CarousHELL is an indie horror masterpiece. I’ve seen countless movies with outlandish titles and wild cover art, but most fail to live up to the wild promises made. But CarousHELL not only delivers, but it goes above and beyond to give us all we could want from a murderous carousel unicorn movie and then some. This one is pure fun from the jump and never relents, ramping up the ridiculous and over the top madness as it goes. I mean, the movie has a sex scene between Duke and an amorous young woman, so CarousHELL aims to overdeliver and it succeeds, with one outrageous scene after another. The movie’s low budget roots are never a hindrance, as the effects are low rent, but effective and hilarious, while the cast embraces the lunacy and goes for broke with their performances. And even if horror isn’t your thing, the humor here lands often enough that it works on that level as well, provided you have a quirky sense of humor, of course. The pace is insanely brisk as well, with no slow stretches whatsoever and with a 70 minute run time, CarousHELL packs in a lot of chaos and entertainment for your busy lifestyle. I had an absolute blast with CarousHELL for me, it is an indie horror hall of fame level pick.

On the sleaze front, there’s not a wealth of naked flesh on showcase, but we do have some topless scenes and an epic showcase of skin at one point. As I mentioned before, Duke is able to seduce a lovely young lady and the two share some tender, intimate romance in the bedroom. This leads to CarousHELL’s wildest sequence and one of the movie’s best images, as Duke rails the girl from behind. The sex is by no means graphic, but it is a great scene and I think one that will help get the word out about this super fun flick. The movie has some wild bloodshed as well, accomplished through low rent, but fun special effects. The gore is over the top and often ridiculous, with several memorable sequences that stand out. I don’t mean slow trickles either, but big, outlandish set pieces of violence that are a blast to watch. The dialogue is wall to wall wackiness, cornball lines, and awkward exchanges, so those with an appreciation for b movie style humor should be in heaven here. Duke’s narration and one liners are a lot of fun, but the movie is populated with goofballs and weirdos, so CarousHELL has ample memorable and quotable lines. The craziness puts up impressive numbers as well, with a nearly constant stream of what the fuck moments to marvel at, from cracked dialogue to the wild violence to the hilarious performances. And lest we forget, the movie runs with the killer unicorn angle and never looks back.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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