Plot: As with most mondo movies, Mondo Freudo isn’t rich with narrative, instead it sets the mood with an introduction about the type of camera being used, then launches into a series of loosely connected vignettes. This one tends to lean on the proclivities of the younger generation of the time, from cruising up and down the block to the racier stuff, like erotic art and nude dancers. What starts as a creepy spy session on a couple getting frisky on the beach leads to more sensual pursuits and even claims of sex slaves, so Mondo Freudo covers a wide base of mild sexual thrills. And of course, as our sheltered minds can’t process these kind of hidden wonders, we have a trusty mondo style narrator to keep us informed.

Entertainment Value: If you’re a fan of the offbeat travelogue genre of mondo movies, you know about what to expect here. Mondo Freudo is focused on the sexual wonders of the world and takes us to a nice selection of locales, from the United States to Tijuana to London. Not as far flung and exotic as some mondo movies perhaps, but this seems to aim to reveal some of the hidden sexual thrills of known locations, rather than take us into uncharted areas. This leads to a milder overall experience in terms of shocks and thrills, as the movie is content to show amorous beach couples, saucy night clubs, and nude women as art canvases. But we do have an outlandish scene that claims to show us a sex slavery operation, which does business right out in the street, but as the film claims, it is a good deal for everyone involved. The sleaze is light, but there is ample naked flesh on showcase and a wide scope of girls take their clothes off, so just about everyone’s tastes should be served here. The narration is cornball and often hilarious, adding a lot of entertainment, even in the less than captivating segments. While Mondo Freudo isn’t one of the crazier or more memorable mondo movies, it has some fun segments and genre fans should get a kick out of it.

The movie has a consistent flow of nude women to parade, but the nakedness is rather tame in most scenes. So almost all the segments revolve around bare breasts and little else, with some bare asses mixed in for select vignettes. But the jugs are part of a good spectrum of activities, mostly dance related, but also some artistic endeavors, as well as just taking off tops for the hell of it. Nothing wrong with that, right? The sex slave scene has full frontal elements, but the movie censors itself with scratches to endure no bush is witnessed. The censoring slips a little, but not much. So if you want to see some topless girls, Mondo Freudo is your ticket to bliss. One scene has a little blood involved, but it is not graphic in the least and part of a satanic ritual, so there’s no violence involved. This one is focused on the titillation rather than shocks, so the lack of bloodshed, fake or otherwise, is never a concern. The narration provides some great moments of humor and general wackiness, with the highlight being an explanation of the upside of sexual slavery. But a lot of hokey, cornball lines, all delivered in serious, sincere fashion and quite humorous. As for craziness, we have the satanic ritual, creepy club patrons, goofy narrator, and the outrageous sex slavery segment, so while not a bat shit crazy effort, there’s some wackiness here.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

The Disc: Mondo Freudo hits Blu-ray in a new 4k scan from the original vault negatives thanks to Severin Films and Something Weird Video, as part of a mondo double feature with Mondo Bizarro. The movie looks fantastic and is a huge upgrade over Something Weird’s old DVD release, as this is so much cleaner and more refined. A few signs of age and wear are present, but those are minor at worst and overall, this is an impressive visual effort. The detail level is rock solid, contrast is stark and consistent, and colors look natural, especially the bright red blood in the ritual sequence. In short, Severin Films has worked some mondo magic with this one. The extras include an audio commentary with Johnny Legend and Eric Caidin, who provide some trivia and goof on the movie in the spirit of fun. The disc also houses trailers and an interview with Chris Poggiali about mondo movies that runs about half an hour. And of course, a second mondo feature is also present on Severin’s release, Mondo Bizarro.

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