Plot: Odile (Jessica F. Manera) is a young woman with a loose grip on reality, an unstable mental state made even more tenuous when she menstruates. At a club she encounters another young woman and after watching some sexual affection, Odile learns about the legend of Countess Bathory. The folk tales claim the Countess would bathe in the blood of virgins in hopes the virginal life fluids would keep her young, a premise that piques Odile’s imagination. She then crosses path with a man and engages in some physical intimacy, only to have the session broken up under strange circumstances. As her night continues, the line between reality and fantasy begins to disappear, but can Odile survive this intense, dangerous scenario?

Entertainment Value: A blend of horror, hardcore porn, and artistic experimentation, Mondo Weirdo is a wild, often surreal ride from director Carl Andersen. Of course, some will be thrown off by the graphic sexual elements involved, but for adventurous cult film fans, this one has a lot of appeal. There’s a loose narrative, but this is more of a flow of experiences than a typical story, so there’s not much dialogue and the scenes aren’t connected by traditional threads. As these wild scenes unfold, most of which center on sex and violence of some kind, there is a throbbing soundtrack that ensures the vibe is always aggressive. So this is not a chill, laid back kind of artistic experimental, but more boundary pushing and pulsating, always trying to keep the audience off balance and curious about what could happen next. The visuals are raw, but have an immediacy that stands out and keeps you hooked in, while also bolstering the experimental vibe the entire movie radiates. Mondo Weirdo also runs about an hour, so it is never drawn out and doesn’t overstay its welcome. For fans of the experimental side of horror cinema, this one is well worth a spin.

This one has frequent, graphic sexual content that is hardcore in nature, so there’s a lot of sleaze on showcase. This includes non simulated sex acts of all kinds, from oral of various types to all out penetrative sex, captured in vivid, full detail. So if real sex is too much for you to handle in cinema, Mondo Weirdo is likely to offend, as it is soaked in bodily fluids. So prepare for ejaculation, menstruation, and of course, pissing on the corpse of a murdered man. Good, clean fun. On the violence side of the coin, there is a consistent flow of the red stuff, but the bloodshed isn’t graphic. A lot of the blood comes from blade wounds that leave a trail of crimson behind, but no real cuts or gashes, likely a budget constraint issue. But there’s a scene where a dude is shredded to ribbons, an eye is wounded, and of course, there’s a wonderful penis hacking sequence, just as the good lord intended. The dialogue does what it needs to do, but it isn’t a prime focus, hence the low score. As for craziness, the experimental nature of the movie ensures things always feel odd and off kilter, not to mention the rampant violence, real sex, and bizarre atmosphere.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

The Disc: Cult Epics released Mondo Weirdo on Blu-ray with a new transfer taken from the original film elements. The raw, low budget nature of the production is evident and limits the visual presentation, but this still shows marked improvement over the DVD, which is what matters. The image looks as about as good as possible and keeps the intended visual texture, which is crucial here. The extras on this limited edition release include an interview with Carl Andersen and an introduction from Erwin Leder. The set also includes Andersen’s Vampiros Sexos and What’s So Dirty About It films, extras related to those movies, and a CD soundtrack.

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