Plot: Although he was at the center of a dangerous stalking case once again, Dr. Beck (Eric Roberts) was able to evade justice and was acquitted, allowing him to leave court as a free man. Despite some imposing evidence against him, he hasn’t suffered much of a setback from the incidents and now, he has taken on a professor’s position at an Arizona university. From the outside, Beck seems to be a model citizen and signs of his alleged obsessive tendencies are absent, but of course, inside his mind things take on a much, much darker outlook. When he begins to slip into his old ways, a separate part of his personality emerges and tries to bargain with him, to take his medicine or ignore his impulses. As he tries to overcome his past, someone else from his old days wants to make sure he pays for his misdeeds, one of his previous victims, Sophie (Brianna Chomer). She has transferred to the same college and plans to ruin his life, to make him accountable for his horrific actions. But can she topple Beck at last or will the doctor’s smooth talking ways once again get him out of trouble?

Entertainment Value: After Dr. Beck’s return in, well Stalked by Doctor: The Return, fans clamored for a third installment and Patient’s Revenge arrived, but could this franchise support another sequel? As it turns out, there is ample life in Dr. Beck’s wild, obsessive antics and this next volume is more of the over the top, melodramatic mayhem fans devoured in the first two movies. This time, we have Beck back of course, as well as his original obsession Sophie, but there are also new twists on deck, including Beck’s split personalities. That’s right, Beck now argues with himself and just when you think this dude can’t get wackier, he takes his lunatic ways to new levels. I mean, this is genius stuff from Lifetime. I appreciate how Patient’s Revenge has some fan service and call backs, but doesn’t lean on just those elements and makes sure to toss in new threads to keep things fresh. Of course, if you didn’t like the first two movies, I doubt this one will change your mind, as it picks up right where those left off. But if you were a fan of the previous Stalked by My Doctor movies or just love wild Lifetime thrillers, this one is highly recommended.

As much fun as Eric Roberts was to watch in the first two movies, it seemed like the only way he could be more entertaining is if there were somehow two of him, which is just what Patient’s Revenge delivers. This movie gifts us double the Dr. Beck, as his dueling personalities banter with each other and of course, Roberts camps it up and makes the most of the chance to argue with himself. These dual Dr. Beck scenes are some of the movie’s most outlandish and memorable moments, as Roberts is given some choice dialogue and allowed to dial it up to wild levels. But even outside those sequences, he brings the same kind of melodramatic madness found in his first two outings as Beck, so no worries there. And if you ever wanted to see Dr. Beck in a romantic musical number, this is the movie you’ve waited to see. I also appreciated seeing Brianna Chomer and several other Stalked by My Doctor veterans return, as it helped connect the movies and that adds a lot to the series. The cast also includes Deborah Zoe, Jon Briddell, Anna Marie Dobbins, and Carrie Schroeder.

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