Plot: Sophie (Brianna Chomer) is in a fight for her life, as a car accident has caused her to suffer serious injuries. Her boyfriend was texting while behind the wheel and while Brianna asked him repeatedly to stop, he ignored her pleas and soon, the couple crashed into another vehicle. But she survives the accident, thanks in large part to the work of Dr. Beck (Eric Roberts), who makes all the right calls and sees her pull through the injuries. After he saves her, Beck feels a strong connection to Sophie that he doesn’t seem to be able to let go of. He is much older than the teen, but he thinks he can get close to her and begins to fantasize about a romance with her. If this sounds out of character for a life saving doctor, keep in mind Beck is an obsessive man with some real social issues, to the point he has ruined every relationship he’s ever had with jealousy and obsession. Can Sophie avoid Beck’s creepy advances or will he find a way to make his fantasies into reality?

Entertainment Value: Now this is a Lifetime thriller, complete with melodrama, over the top moments, and of course, Eric Roberts as one of the creepiest, wildest villains in all of Lifetime. The narrative is one that will feel familiar to fans of the network’s thrillers, with an obsessed man, a younger woman, and ample melodrama, but thanks to Roberts’ super unstable performance, Stalked by My Doctor rises above the usual stalker movies out there. So frequent Lifetime fans have seen this kind of story before, but it never feels rehashed here and has a level of creepiness that thrillers like this aim for, but rarely hit. I also appreciated how over the top some the plot turns were, as it adds some strong b movie vibes to the film, but I can see how some would prefer a more grounded approach. So you have to keep in mind that some of the movie makes little to no sense, as it has been dialed up to pump in melodrama and twists, but I thought that just added to the fun. Between the wild plot and Roberts’ outlandish performance, Stalked by My Doctor is one of the more tuned up Lifetime thrillers I’ve seen, bolstered by a quick pace and little downtime. So if you like larger than life villains and high melodrama, this is one you shouldn’t miss.

In case you couldn’t tell from the above, the driving force in Stalked by My Doctor is Eric Roberts, who turns up his creepiness to epic levels and chews the hell out of all of his lines here. He really runs with the melodrama and outlandish plot movements, making the most of the character’s crazed persona. If you’re a fan of wild freak outs, Roberts more than delivers on that front and Beck is losing his mind often here, usually in spectacular fashion. You know from the opening restaurant scene that Roberts is here to go bananas and he does just that. This kind of over the top madness isn’t going to thrill everyone, but I think his take on Beck makes for one of Lifetime’s most memorable and fun villains, without a doubt. I also think Brianna Chomer is solid here as Beck’s victim and while she doesn’t dial up to Roberts’ level, her more grounded presence makes his effort seem even more manic and wild. The cast also includes Carson Boatman, Jon Briddell, and Deborah Zoe.

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