Plot: The rumors around the old Winthrop house are dark and disturbing, but have persisted for hundreds of years, with tales of a horrific birth, brutal murder, and an unnatural creature that was locked inside. Now most of the talk centers on whether or not the place is haunted, but a group of students from Miskatonic University aims to settle that debate. Randolph (Mark Kinsey Stephenson) is convinced the monster of legend is indeed all too real and his friend Joel (Mark Parra) thinks it is all made up, so Joel spends a night inside the Winthrop to prove it is a hoax, only to vanish without a trace. Now the friends plan to venture inside themselves, to uncover the truth and discover what happened to Randolph, though some of the students just want to get laid and have some laughs. But what will they discover inside the walls and will anyone live to share their experiences?

Entertainment Value: This one has some solid 80s horror appeal, with a better than expected creature, decent atmosphere, and some goofy characters who rattle off some campy dialogue. The narrative is very loosely based on an H.P. Lovecraft short story, this one spins a competent haunted house/monster movie type vibe, one that keeps you hooked even in the slower stretches. The scares aren’t that effective, but the production values are sharper than you might think and overall, you can tell a lot of heart went into The Unnamable’s creation. I think the main draw for horror fans will be the creature, which looks fantastic and elevates the entire movie as a result, but the campiness is also a strong lure of this picture. So if you need deadly serious horror, The Unnamable might not quite deliver, but for those who can appreciate the sillier side of the genre, there is some solid entertainment to be had. Especially since we have the impressive practical effects, effective haunted house location, and decent atmosphere, which ensure it always feels like a horror ride. And as always, the nostalgia of these video store staples is sure to bring some old fans back into the fold.

There is a little naked flesh in The Unnamable, with a couple breasts and a quick ass shot, but that’s all she wrote. But given how ridiculous the guys are in the movie, it is no surprise the girls keep their clothes on. The bloodshed is infrequent, but rolls out some nice bursts of the red stuff and as I mentioned before, the effects in this one are better than most might expect. The creature is likely to capture most of the attention, as it looks eerie and effective. Teased throughout the movie, when it finally fully arrives it is well worth the wait and unleashes some fun violence, including claw attacks, throat trauma, and amateur heart surgery. The gore is splashy and a lot of fun to watch, even if there isn’t a whole lot of it to talk about. I think the dialogue is a real draw here, as there is a lot of overly serious, awkward, and quotable material here, all of which benefits from goofy characters and humorous performances. This includes a few real show stoppers, so this one earns some solid points here. The craziness is on the low end, but we have the dialogue and characters, which add some wackiness.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

The Disc: Unearthed Films bows the movie on Blu-ray as part of their Unearthed Classics line, complete with a brand new 4k scan. The image has some issues, but is a world of improvement over the VHS release that fans have suffered through, so this is easily the best home video release. The movie looks clean and shows solid detail, but has some inherent softness and the contrast is on the light side, which can be an issue since the movie is so dark. But overall this is a most welcome enhancement over existing editions and fans should be quite pleased. The extras include audio comments from several cast members and a couple effects team members, who laugh about the movie and share some memories from the shoot. This release also includes several hours of new interviews with cast members and the effects team, with a wealth of information to be had, even if some of the questions are repeated often. You can also check out some still photos and trailers for other Unearthed Films titles.

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