Plot: A haunted strip club is quite an attraction, but the stories about this one happen to be true. A couple decades back, some clients were taken to a private room for some special attention, only to kill the stripper in brutal fashion. Since then, the club has been rumored to be haunted by various spirits, though it doesn’t seem to have much effect on the lap dances. The club’s past interests some independent filmmakers however, who want to shoot a movie at the infamous locale and cash in on the stories, while also documenting the full supernatural tale. But as soon as the production begins, strange things start to happen around the club and I mean strange even by the standards of a haunted strip joint. A psychic visit reveals the murdered stripper’s spirit isn’t resting in peace, but can anyone stop a supernatural exotic dancer?

Entertainment Value: This one has a great tagline of “they’ll work the pole and steal your soul,” but All Strippers Must Die falls short of the potential of a haunted strip club premise. The movie balances between a traditional horror flick about the club and a faux documentary on the hauntings, but the split focus seems to work against it, as neither of the threads works well. There are some fun moments, but this wasn’t the wild, over the top sleaze & gore sprint you might expect, as things are a little slower and more reeled in than the title suggests. If you have an interest in ghost hunting, the fake documentary side of the movie might land more than it did with me, as I wanted more craziness and stripper chaos. And the attempts to make the interviews believable and such will likely appeal to those viewers, as well as anyone who prefers a more controlled approach to indie horror. But for me, I was let down by the lack of balls to the walls mania, so this one just didn’t connect with me. I wouldn’t put it with the lower tier of micro budget horror however, so those interested in the premise or the ghost hunters angle should give it a shot.

A movie about strippers, both alive and ethereal, seems ripe for wild sleaze, but this movie doesn’t pack in much skin. A number of topless scenes are here, but not an insane volume or creative nakedness, just the basic bare breasts from our strippers. By normal b movie standards, a decent amount of boobs on showcase, but the premise does kind of build up expectations for a little more. The same holds true for the bloodshed, which is in passable supply here, but given some of the marketing materials, you might think this is boundary pushing stuff, which isn’t true. There’s some minor gore at times, but mostly just basic blood that splashes around and in small doses. Some fun makeup effects pop up however, giving us a proper supernatural stripper presence. The dialogue gets the job done, but doesn’t have many quotable or over the top lines. Some of the more colorful characters have small moments or exchanges that elicit a chuckle or two, but not as wacky as it might seem. This continues into the general craziness, which has some spikes in off the wall touches, but the flick never lets loose.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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