Plot: Linda Kent (Desiree Cousteau) is more than just another pretty face, as she also happens to be famous superhero Ms. Magnificent. She soars across the city’s skyline in search of those who need a helping hand, such as when she discovers a man on the brink of suicide. In an effort to show him that life is worth living, she makes passionate love to him, then heads back out to service more of Los Angeles. But her happy go lucky life is thrown into chaos when her arch nemesis Kreeta Borgia (Jesie St. James) arrives and plots to unleash all kinds of trouble. First Borgia kidnaps Ms. Magnificent’s boyfriend, but that is just the start of her nefarious plans and even for our intrepid heroine, this will be a tough battle to win. Can she resist all of the sexual traps Borgia has planned or will she succumb to the otherworldly pleasures?

Entertainment Value: This slice of superhero sex cinema was inspired by Superman, but thanks to a last minute lawsuit, turned from Superwoman to Ms. Magnificent and underwent some slight censorship. So if you notice our hero’s insignia looks like a lot of scratches or the audio drops out when her name is used, that is normal and part of the fallout from the lawsuit. The movie is an outlandish parody of superheroes, though the narrative elements are minimal and as expected, most of the run time revolves around various sex acts. I do appreciate the efforts made to craft what minimal story is here however, though it is ridiculous to say the least and really spirals into craziness as the finale approaches. The tone is slapstick in most scenes, with over the top performances and silliness running wild, with even most of the sex scenes given some humor to add to the titillation. But if you don’t like constant chatter during the penetration, you might be put off, as these characters never shut up, even mid-coitus. The production values are threadbare, but that just adds to the fun, as we have jank costumes, low rent props, and some humorous flying sequences. I think Ms. Magnificent is a fun, oddball hardcore curio, so for those into outrageous porn, it is worth a spin.

This is hardcore porn, so the nakedness is dialed up to ten and then some, with real, unsimulated sex acts in a lot of the scenes. The movie mixes things up with a wide scope of pairings, threesomes, and even a wild group sequence, but most scenes are one on one, male with female. This includes oral, vaginal, and anal sex, as well as a torrent of mid-sex banter in most cases. So you see it all, from bare breasts to buttholes to big, hairy balls and beyond. There is some story wedged in at times, but this one has a lot of sex scenes, so it doesn’t skimp on the sleaze. No blood, just some superhero style action at times between the sheet sessions. I love the dialogue in Ms. Magnificent, as it is so odd and awkward, not to mention poorly performed. The enthusiasm levels are rock bottom in some scenes, with actresses being railed with great vigor, only to barely seem awake and delivering lines in flat, lifeless fashion. This tempers the erotic value perhaps, but adds to the humor and general wackiness. All the characters are given a host of lines, even the smaller, side characters and the exchanges during sex are awkward and quite hilarious at times. “Oh Charlie. You’re really fucking me now.” I think the craziness here is pretty solid, as the vibe is just so strange throughout, the performances are flatlined, and the low rent elements add a b movie texture. I wouldn’t call it insane, but there’s enough wacky lines, bottom of the barrel costumes, and chemistry free sex scenes to rack up some points.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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