Plot: Christie (Elizabeth Berkley) is a fresh presence as a teacher at a new high school, but she is already popular with the students, as she is young, friendly, and doesn’t condescend to her pupils. But her kindness and desire to help her students is misread by John (Corey Sevier), who thinks she is flirting with him and as such, begins to fantasize about some kind of relationship. She can sense he is naive and not that bright, but when he shows up at her house and tries to force himself on her, she realizes that he is much more of a threat than she expected. Able to fight him off, she calls the police and a case is opened, so she hopes that will be the end of the unfortunate events. But when Josh claims she invited him over and wanted a sexual relationship, Christine finds herself the target of the investigation, rather than her attacker. Can she somehow prove that Josh is dangerous or will she be railroaded by his wealthy parents?

Entertainment Value: This teacher in trouble thriller from Lifetime is rather basic, but has a good pace, efficient narrative, and of course, Elizabeth Berkley, who is the real reason to check this movie out. The story takes all the usual twists and turns for this kind of narrative, with some light paranoia and decent tension, but the movie works because the melodrama is dialed up a few notches. The tone is serious and tense, but the cast decides to camp it up or they’re just having an off shoot, as the performances are over the top and often hilarious. This is likely to put off those in search of sincere, serious thrillers, but it adds a b movie vibe that helps balance out how rather bland the rest of the movie is. The melodramatic performances and unintentional humor are what drive the entertainment here, which I had fun with, but as I said, it is hard to take it seriously as a result. But for those who appreciate over the top melodrama and Berkley’s unique skills, Student Seduction is worth a look.

As she has a colorful resume and an often humorous performance style, Elizabeth Berkley is always a draw for me and despite this being a run of the mill thriller, her presence alone makes it worth a look. She plays the role dead serious, as she should, but also tuned up to the moon at times, a kind of unintentional melodrama I suppose, since she always comes off as sincere. Her performance is stilted and often ridiculous, but always attempts to be serious and of course, that can make things seem even more over the top. I think she is a lot of fun in Student Seduction, but if you don’t appreciate a blend of wooden, melodramatic, and deadly serious, you might not get as much as out of her work here. Corey Sevier is as generic as plain oatmeal as the teen creeper, while Rick Roberts is a typical Lifetime husband, clueless and non supportive. The cast also includes Karen Robinson, Sarah Smyth, and Sarah Allen.

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