Plot: Emily (Eli DeGeer) has endured years of domestic abuse, but when her abuser turns his attention toward their daughter Eden (Ana Rojas-Plumberg), Emily takes a stand and fights back. She knocks him out and while he is unconscious, makes a run and takes Eden with her, heading out to seek a better life. As the two travel through a rural stretch however, Emily hits some kind of animal with her car and finds their ride disabled, so their run isn’t off to the best start. As she examines the damage, she realizes it must have been a bear or some other large, dangerous beast, as there are large claw marks on the vehicle. When the two seek shelter in an isolated house, they stumble into the den of a demented serial killer, who already has some women taken prison, but is glad to take on two more. With a sadistic murderer inside and the dangerous beasts outside, can Emily and Eden survive this horrific night?

Entertainment Value: I love the premise of Bonehill Road, a practical werewolf horror movie that also features a mother and daughter on the run, with a serial killer blended into the mix, but it wasn’t the experience I expected. The tone is serious, much more so than I anticipated, while the serial killer thread is the prominent narrative, putting the werewolf elements on the back burner. You still see the beasts here and there, with the most werewolf action in the finale, but this is mostly a survival style thriller, as the women try to overcome the deranged killer. I didn’t connect with Bonehill Road much, as the tone was so serious, but hard to take seriously, as the performances weren’t great and the manic just didn’t seem unhinged enough. The cast is passable, but given how serious and intense the material is at times, the inexperience shines through and the movie suffers as a result. I also just didn’t find the killer to be that creepy or unstable, as the actor doesn’t commit and so he just seems dramatic, rather than a madman who tortures and eats his victims. But I did find the werewolf elements fun and the practical effects work is impressive, so fans of indie horror who don’t mind some mediocre acting should look into Bonehill Road.

The nakedness is pretty limited in this one, but we do have one character that is topless throughout. She does suffer some breast damage at one point, but reaps her revenge, so victory for the topless. The movie isn’t drenched in blood, but it does have some splashes of the red stuff at times. The killer torments his victims with a knife, which leads to some slashes and other blade wounds. Nothing intense or all that graphic, but the meat pieces he cooks up and serves are quite gross. The prisoners also endure various bits of violence, but again, nothing too wild. The finale opens up things a little and we get some nice werewolf related bites and claw slashes, as well as a remarkable transformation scene, given the film’s resources. The werewolves themselves look good, but the low budget roots are evident in the effects. The dialogue does what it needs to do, but the serious tone keeps the wild lines reeled in. The killer has some potential at times, but never goes for broke and even in his wilder moments, the lines are too serious to be off the wall. As for craziness, aside from the mild lunacy of the killer, Bonehill Road is a serious flick, so not much wackiness this time.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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