Plot: Sara (Katherine Bailess) has a charming fiance and is about to be married, but those close to see her aren’t as excited as she is. While he seems nice, there is some concern as the two have only been a couple for a few months, so it seems rushed and impulsive. But since she seems to be quite happy in the new relationship, no one objects in grand fashion and the two are wed. At the reception, Sara has a strange encounter when she hears a woman sobbing in the bathroom, but she doesn’t look into and puts it out of her mind. Soon after the vows, Sara finds herself in a horrific situation, as her bank account has been drained, her new husband has purchased a plane ticket, and no one knows what it is going on. Sara wants to think she was hacked or there is a simple explanation, but her loved ones fear she has been scammed by her beau. Can Sara learn the truth and is her marriage just a front to set her up for a financial scam or is there an innocent explanation involved?

Entertainment Value: I have to be honest, I didn’t have much fun with Deadly Matrimony and I found it to be overly serious, with little of the wildness or melodrama Lifetime is know to deliver. The network does produce some more serious, straight ahead thrillers, but even by that standard, this one feels slow and almost dull at times, which is a shame. The lone grace is Katherine Bailess as Sara, as her character is so dense and naive, it adds some unintentional humor and baffling moments, as she simply refuses to look at the obvious evidence. But aside from Sara’s oblivious nature, this movie has little humor or charm, with even melodrama dialed down to nearly zero, so not much fun. I wouldn’t mind the serious approach if the narrative was skilled and the twists were effective, but this is a mediocre script at best and there’s little to no suspense, even from the start. I know some prefer the more serious, non melodramatic thrillers, but this might be too dry even for that crowd. But if you do like your Lifetime movies more basic and grounded, then perhaps you will find more to like with Deadly Matrimony than I did.

As I said above, the bright spot in this one is Katherine Bailess, as she has a fun role stuck in the middle of this bland thriller. Of course, her role is interesting because she is such a clueless lead and makes the kind of decisions that make you question her sanity, but that is why it adds to the entertainment. The rest of Deadly Matrimony is so generic and serious, so the little fun that Sara’s oblivious actions provide is quite welcome, while Bailess brings the character to life well also. She isn’t given much of a chance to shine as a performer, but she does well with this quirky lead role and for me, is the lone positive in this case. No one else really stands out, but that isn’t a knock on the cast in the least, as the bland script is to blame. Even if there is some talent on the lineup, no one is given the room to showcase their abilities or at least ham it up a little. The cast also includes Ali Cobrin, Damon Dayoub, Terri Ivens, and Tiffany Hines.

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