Plot: After a series of brutal murders, a serial killer seemed to drop off the grid and the police were left baffled. But now some time has passed and it seems as if the man known as the Infinity Killer is back in action, as victims that match his profile have turned up with the symbol branded into their flesh. At the same time, Amanda (Eric Cahill) has approached the authorities with her own problems, as her son has been abducted, but not before she was mailed some eerie photographs. She suspects her deadbeat ex of taking their child, but the police notice the photographs would indicate that whoever send them is likely the Infinity Killer. Before the police can dig too deep, Amanda is warned by the kidnapper to get rid of the cops, but is it her ex or has she been targeted by a notorious serial killer?

Entertainment Value: This is a straight forward thriller from Lifetime, with a focus on the hunt for a killer over the usual high melodrama. This is going to be good news for some, as the grounded approach means a more serious tone and some viewers prefer that kind of thriller, but others will likely miss the wild moments and over the top drama Lifetime is known for. The narrative here is solid, a traditional thriller that plays out in the expected ways, so you might not be too stumped on who the killer is, but the ride to that point is passable. I liked the enhanced focus on the police side of the investigation, as we don’t see that often in Lifetime thrillers, but also because the core story is less than riveting, to be kind. All of the needed thriller elements are at work, but the story just never hooked me in and given that the killer is pretty obvious from the start, even the mystery aspect is not great. At the same time, I know some do appreciate these kind of well made, but predictable thrillers, so for those who prefer that kind of approach, Killer Inspiration is worth a peek.

The cast here is fine, but the bland material doesn’t give anyone a real shot to shine, as even the villain is rather forgettable. And this is Lifetime, so we need a high wire villain even if the script is grounded and in this case, at least one interesting character might have worked wonders. Erin Cahill has the central role and she turns in a solid effort, but again, the material just goes through the motions and by turn, Cahill isn’t given much to do beyond that. She handles all she is asked to do, but she is clearly capable of much more, so it is a shame the movie doesn’t trust her more. I’d love to see her back in a more engaging role, as she has a lot of potential as evidenced here. No one else really stands out either, even the villain, as I said before. I think everyone tries and puts in some good work, they’re just let down by the material. The cast also includes Erica Elliot, Aaron Pearl, Lucia Walters, and Antonio Cupo.

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